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For The Brothers Who Ain’t Here

So many former loves, now tragic farewells

Scene from the film Eve’s Bayou (courtesy of Harvard Film Archive)

I f^cking hate funerals.

Figured I’d lead with the distasteful, potentially offensive statement, so I could get it out of the way early.

The reasons for my feelings are vast. The sheer expense of funerals and their accoutrement, for starters. Even if you are not in Showing Off For The Joneses mode, a decent casket…




A lyrical view of the world through the eyes of a cishet Black chick with light-skinned privilege and “hints of Spanish,” Ivy League-educated but Southeast DC born-and-raised, with mad creative tendencies.

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Stephanie Renée

Stephanie Renée

Artsy chick. Certified nerd girl. Navigating the spaces of Black Excellence and global relevance. Support my other creative endeavors at

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