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Stop Being A Punk, Stef

Lessons learned in Pandemic Year 2, and how to do better in the 2–2

Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

I was really ready to come back outside, y’all.

But Delta has transmogrified to Omicron, and a bunch of my favorite people turned up positive between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and…heavy sigh.

I now feel like I am an expert at being a Sublimated Extrovert with solid coping skills. Rather than sitting a…




A lyrical view of the world through the eyes of a cishet Black chick with light-skinned privilege and “hints of Spanish,” Ivy League-educated but Southeast DC born-and-raised, with mad creative tendencies.

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Stephanie Renée

Stephanie Renée

Artsy chick. Certified nerd girl. Navigating the spaces of Black Excellence and global relevance. Support my other creative endeavors at

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