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Talk To The Hand

A quick hood lesson, for button-pushers and habitual line-steppers

A meme, borrowed from Black Twitter, circa 2020

LANGUAGE WARNING (in case the above meme didn’t make that clear)

This essay is not an attempt to defend, excuse, or justify Will Smith’s actions during the Academy Award telecast. He doesn’t need me to do that. Doesn’t pay me to do it. I don’t know the man personally, and I’m not co-signing a thing.




A lyrical view of the world through the eyes of a cishet Black chick with light-skinned privilege and “hints of Spanish,” Ivy League-educated but Southeast DC born-and-raised, with mad creative tendencies.

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Stephanie Renée

Stephanie Renée

Artsy chick. Certified nerd girl. Navigating the spaces of Black Excellence and global relevance. Support my other creative endeavors at

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