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Willing To Wait For It

Blessings can and should be summoned, but your ideal timeline is irrelevant

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Now that spring has finally decided to cooperate with Mother Nature, these days of #StayHome and continued quarantine feel ever more punitive. Cashflow aside, most of us long for a chance to just be out and BE, without fear of death. Our social starvation and lack of affectionate touch are making us testy and increasingly anxious.




A lyrical view of the world through the eyes of a cishet Black chick with light-skinned privilege and “hints of Spanish,” Ivy League-educated but Southeast DC born-and-raised, with mad creative tendencies.

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Stephanie Renée

Stephanie Renée

Artsy chick. Certified nerd girl. Navigating the spaces of Black Excellence and global relevance. Support my other creative endeavors at

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