A Sunday Brunch

I am at a mediocre eating joint in Mulund. The hotel has one manager with just one work and that is to count the cash. The bills are prepared manually by waiters who write it on their pad using food tray as support. They have a double door Coco-Cola fridge which they cannot accommodate inside their premises so, every morning they put it just outside the shop.

I have apps to get my food delivered at entrance of the building but I am yet to buy plates., therefore, I prefer eating in the restaurant premises itself. I take a seat just below the fan which is an unusual thing for me to do in November, having lived in Patna, Kota and Guwahati. May be it is the time to get usual with the unusual. I turn my head in 270 degrees to look for the waiter when I saw an old couple sitting across the aisle.

I couldn’t see the old lady properly as she was totally eclipsed by her man. He was sitting on the aisle side not only protecting her from elbows of strangers but also from glares of others. One stare from him and he protects her from the front. No one is going to stare from the back and the sideways are taken care of as you can see in the picture.

I guess they are eating from the same plate: A Sunday Brunch. To confirm this, I stood up and aimed my pace to the wash basin, hoping that I’d get a better glance. Indeed, they were. The lady has a skin disease which causes them to get white in patches, probably vitiligo as I googled up but I guess she still looks beautiful to him. She is a faster eater, so while her man is still eating, she takes out a small purse in the shape of a distorted eclipse and pays for the brunch. She has now wiped her hands, perhaps a way of showing urgency. Maybe they have planned an entire day together and have to be somewhere else. He finished eating. He was quick about it but in that process the face area where vertical support of a french cut beard is supposed to be is ruined. He looked at her, a way of suggesting that he is ready to go. She dips her fingers in the glass and wipes his face.

I turned my face in other direction.