To Bangalore

There were times when people would think of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata to be the only place where one could start afresh and make a fortune. These cities have therefore always received huge number of people migrating to them. However, with the increase of people required in the workforce, the once booming IT sector and the startup scenario, the rise of second generation of cities which promises similar landscape has risen. Cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida and Pune are on the forefront in this new race.

The following is a poetry written casually in between work, train journeys and flight schedule about one such city and one such guy who comes to one such new generation of city.

If only she would have said a little more,
He wouldn’t have left the shore
Now the hands are on the oars
And nothing to remind him of the once felt amor
With no chance of encore
He set sail to explore
To Bangalore, To Bangalore, To Bangalore
The City and it’s lores
Enchanted by the bars and the brawl
Where the traffic hardly crawls
And the rain gently falls
Madhulok inside the Malls
Are you here to erase all the cold calls?
Give it time, a little more, a little more, a little more
Where Parks are for work, not play
Buses are expensive as cab, if you may
Weekends getting drunk, Ah! You don’t have to say
Deposits are must, if you want to stay
Single Bachelor’s accommodation ? God! You would need to pray
So, he started livin’ in an inn
Started finding a work which is akin (to his skills)
No matter if it’s dirty or clean.
All it needs is to pay when month’s closing in
The world’s a cruel place
Now he has seen, now he has seen, now he has seen.
The struggle continued.
CV rejected,
CV viewed,
Enthusiasm exhausted, 
Enthusiasm renewed.
Meeting people shrewed
Facing processes skewed
Comments casual, Comments lewd
“Congratulations, You have been selected…”
What the fuck, dude?
It arrived, but it arrived little late.
The situation, therefore, filtered out his mate
Between the one he should keep and the one to forget,
Little did he know that there’s a third bracket,
You can’t keep people in just two available sockets
You keep them away but do not rusticate
You keep them close but do not overcompensate
And when it comes to utilization, you do not hesitate
They called it Networking — the safest known bet.
This Network — Is it more important than the actual work?
Is this where the big money lurks?
Is this what differentiates, an owner from the clerk?
After all they both work
But the clerk is compensated far less than the turk
Ah! The race was never about work, work, work
It has always been about being smart
And that my friend has always been art
Who knows who gets the shot at the dart
But when you do, make sure you play your part
So, with his skills and his craft
Learning new things and getting deft in the art
He looks back now to the point where he had to start
This journey — long may it lasts.