Barcelona Has The Best Window Shopping Experience

May 19 — It’s been a busy week and all I want to do is watch the sunset. I’m trying to pick out the perfect place because for the most part, the sunset views in Barcelona aren’t that great. You’re not going to automatically see it from anywhere. There’s a rooftop bar in my favorite area, the Born District. I’ve decided to head there.

I walk these streets often and don’t get tired of them. If anything I always wonder why I never noticed something before. The rooftop was definitely beautiful but there were buildings and mountains in the way. Still, there was enough background lighting to enjoy the moment and take it all in. At the top of the mountain there is a castle. I’ve received mixed reviews about it. Some say it’s cheesy and others say it’s nice and worth the trip. The castle itself is not old. They only built it to look that way.

When I stare at it I think of Cinderella. Something about it looks magical. It’s not under construction and it’s not gothic. Far away I don’t see any imperfections, crowds of tourists, or long lines. Looking at the castle by the light of the sun going down behind it I’ve made up my mind. I won’t visit. How it looks now is how it will always look to me. Like a child frozen in time and photos of hands that never age, this will forever be my memory.

Afterward I went downstairs to have dinner. This isn’t a busy place because there is no outdoor seating. There was probably 10 of us inside for dinner. I’m pretty certain we’re all tourists as well. I didn’t mind. My server was very helpful and the food was great. While I would have loved to sit outside this was nice too.

By the time I finish dinner it’s late but you would never know it by the amount of people walking around. There is no way I could go home now so I decided to walk down all the little side streets and try to get lost. In these situations getting lost is fun. The opposite happened. In fact, I found myself a little more.

While I couldn’t tell at the time, all the back streets feed into the main streets I’m used to walking around. It was like playing a game with myself to see how fast I could make it through the “maze”. Then I would turn around and go back “in” to see if I could find another way. When I thought I had taken every side street I stopped to window shop. Sure I had found my way through the streets. I had no idea what I was passing until I walked by and took a moment to look.

Fashions of all kinds were in almost every window. I saw a beautiful white dress and when I got closer noticed the store was a bridal gown boutique. Making a quick turn back to the other side of the street, there were three windows in my sight. Yet, there was only one thing to catch my eye. It was a coral colored, floral patterned wrap dress.

I was fascinated. I don’t have anything like it because I’ve never liked anything like it before. As I continued to walk and window shop I noticed how I was drawn to prints, patterns, and florals. something I have very little of in my wardrobe. Both here and at home. I tend to only buy solids and avoid the rest like the plague.

These made me smile in a way I never have before. I began thinking more of what my clothes say about me. For the most part, they have been all for work or very casual. My work clothes are to make a statement. Bold. Commanding. All business. When I go casual I love my jeans, sweaters, and boots. If they were going to do my talking they would probably say the same thing. I try never to leave the house wearing clothes that would imply I don’t take care of myself. I’ve got big sunglasses if I want to take a break from makeup to let me skin breathe.

I haven’t mastered women’s sportswear and have never really purchased any until Morocco. What if these types of outfits could say something different about me? I’ve joked around that I don’t know how to flirt. I do have bitchy resting face and find it awkward to smile at a man. What if these kinds of clothes could do my flirting for me? They scream, fun, carefree, flirty, laughter, and smiles.

On one hand it’s awful to think I’ve been sending the wrong signals with my clothes. On the other it’s exciting to think I can add to my wardrobe. Something I’ve never thought was worth spending money on before. My clothes budget is pretty much done for the year. Plus, I still need shoes. I won’t be back when these stores open up tomorrow. It’s a lot to think about. I’ll do so while I stroll home.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. It’s been another lovely week in Barcelona.
  2. A wonderful rooftop experience.
  3. The time and opportunity to lose myself in the streets of Barcelona.

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