Excited To Do Something For The Very First Time

June 27 — Since I was a young girl I’ve enjoyed the opera on television. I was quite the night owl then. It was before hundreds of channels were available without a satellite as big as NASA’s and when stations ended programming at a certain hour with our national anthem. However, when nothing else was on and it didn’t occur to me to read a book or go to bed I was “forced” to watch the opera on PBS.

Sometimes there were subtitles to walk me through. Other times I was able to create my own story. I began to enjoy them more and more. It wasn’t a regularly scheduled program though and it became like hitting the lottery when I did get to watch. There were times when I was tired and I would stay up to see if tonight opera would come on.

Around the same time the movie Amadeus came out. Opera became even more exciting. It also became more like a fairytale dream. I never thought I would be able to attend. I wasn’t the type of person who goes to the opera based on what I saw in the movies. Even when I would daydream about it I found the thoughts to be nerve-wracking and intimidating.

Opera is a fine art. Classical. Since it was not easily accessible how would someone with my background ever get to attend? On the other hand, if I did get an opportunity I think my nervousness and fear of not belonging would have overtaken the excitement. Then for many years I forgot. Opera was the furthest thing from my mind.

Last year on my trip to France I met a gentleman who listened to opera and he played some for me. I think he truly relished in my excitement and enjoyed sharing. He couldn’t believe I had never been and encouraged me to go. I’m no longer a young girl afraid of not belonging so I told myself when I got back to the States I would take myself out on a date to the opera.

Unfortunately, tickets were sold out. Who knew opera was seasonal like sports? Certainly not me. I promised myself on this year long journey with We Roam I would attend my first opera. I’ve been planning today since we were in Morocco.

At first I thought I would attend in Barcelona. When I learned how expensive it was and how it is a very casual affair there I decided it would be better to experience it in Prague. For not much more than a movie ticket in the States, you can get an opera ticket there. When I told my roommates they were in and we even agreed on what show to attend.

Tonight I was ready. My girlfriends and I were all dressed up and thrilled to see Carmen. For me, the first time. This is the day I had been waiting to come for months and now it was finally here. On a Tuesday night, I entered the Prague National Theatre with the rest of the audience for a sold-out performance. Everything had become my first, not just the opera itself. It was my first time in an opera theater. The very first time seeing the theater and looking up at the ceiling which was breathtaking.

For a moment I began to wonder if the performance would be any good. This isn’t a new show. It’s been running all month. Still, it has been running all month and it’s sold-out on a Tuesday. Something must good. Sure enough, the performance was fantastic and very moving. Everything I thought it would be and so much more.

Sometimes there isn’t anything like your first time and it’s a good thing. Often doing something I’ve never done before can be scary and nerve-wrecking. Not on this occasion. I couldn’t stop smiling. I wish I was more thoughtful about all my firsts.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Attending my very first opera.
  2. Sharing the moment with my fellow Roamers.
  3. Being excited and not scared.

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