Feeling Amazing On A Sunny Sunday in Barcelona

May 21 — It’s Sunday and I feel like having a lazy day. Unusual for me with such great weather. However, I’m so relaxed here and feeling at home that I just want to stroll around, read a book, and enjoy a nice lunch. So I did. It’s becoming my new normal.

For lunch, I decided to go back to the Mexican restaurant for sopa. It’s traditional, especially on a Sunday. The walk is a few miles from the dorms and each step of the way makes me smile.

Being Sunday it is more quiet and some shops are closed giving me a different view of the streets I’ve walked along many times. I’m forced to notice details and signage I haven’t before. Since I’m having a lazy day it allows me the opportunity to stop and take it in. Looking through the windows I try to commit it all to memory. Forever.

Arriving at the restaurant I was actually relieved it was open. I did look online before I left, but that means almost nothing in most countries. The restaurant is very tiny and you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the restroom. Although it’s a Mexican restaurant it is not equipped to cater to Mexican size parties. So when the man asked if I had a reservation it made sense. However, right now it’s practically empty and there doesn’t seem to be a need. He had reservations coming in soon. I had to promise to leave in a hour if I wanted to be seated. I assured him it wouldn’t be a problem.

The sopa was still very good. I’m both amazed and appreciative at how they keep making it to my liking. It’s not unusual to go back to a restaurant and order the same thing only to be disappointed. Today’s sopa was a little heavy on the chili powder but not enough for me to stop eating. With every spoonful I thought of home and being with family. It didn’t make me sad. This is another comfort food.

I was comforted by all the meals with family. We’re pretty loud and there is always tons of laughter. A mix of the older generations and the younger generations. Tons of cousins, second cousins, third cousins, and kids of all ages around. From the teens who are too uninterested to speak to the little kids who can’t get enough attention. This sopa reminds and comforts me like Mi Familia.

After lunch it was time to head to the grocery store. Here’s where I should have done some research. My favorite market it closed. No holiday. It’s simply not open on Sunday. Who knew? I have enough food at the dorms to get through the rest of the day. Since the store was closed I decided to take a long walk and go down city streets I haven’t before.

I’m not sure if I was near a retirement community or not. Almost everywhere I looked there were older couples walking around. Hand in hand. Again I noticed how it didn’t make me sad or have me thinking of myself. Seeing them made me smile. I quite enjoy this as opposed to feeling down and thinking selfishly.

Strolling through my Sunday was wonderful. I’m truly in love with this city.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Being able to have a lazy Sunday.
  2. Being able to have lunch with my family even though they aren’t physically here.
  3. Being in love with Barcelona.

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