From Interviewing My Hero To Speaking With A Peer

February 2 — It was a late night/early morning yesterday. Today I had one of my biggest interviews and I was nervous. It’s wasn’t until the end of the day and so I continuously went over my notes and prepped myself.

I think I ate bad meat. Earlier this week I made my last trip to the grocery store. Since I’ve been eating out the piece of meat I bought has been in the fridge for two days. I cooked it today and it seemed fine. Tasted good. I didn’t eat a lot. Now I’m not feeling well. There is no way I can cancel or reschedule this interview.

Maybe it’s just nerves. I try to take it easy and drink more water. Lying down to relax I put on some waterfall background noise. I make sure to set my alarm just in case I do end up falling asleep on accident.

When I start prepping again for the interview I get a message he needs to push it back and we have a couple of back and forth emails. I’m totally fine with it because I don’t allow for back to back interviews for this reason. If he would have told me he only had 15 minutes to give I would have taken it.

We chat a bit before we start and it’s like we’re friends. Peers. He’s working on a summit as well and we compare notes. To think a year ago I was watching his summit and he had no idea who I was. Now he’s on mine and knows me by first name. Amazing!

The interview goes well and he compliments me on my questions. He’s an excellent interviewee and creates word pictures, adds where I have left something missing, and challenges thoughts. Basically he made me look better. I was sweating a bit during the interview and had to wipe it away, but besides that I was pleased. This is really happening!

— — -

Tonight We Roam had a cocktail and networking event back at The Clubhouse where we all met for the first time. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear. I put on a skirt but the bruise on my knee is still super massive. I decided to wear jeans and tank top. It was fine, but certainly there were others more dressed up than me.

Being back where we started and in a completely different mindset was odd. I’ve grown comfortable here. Even though there is a lot I don’t know and have yet to explore. It’s strange to feel so comfortable when so much and so little has happened during this month.

I’m not up for going out but I am hungry. Me and one of the guys go grab a bite. Here’s another example of where my mind is now. This is the second time we’ve been to dinner together and it is nice and relaxing. He’s easy to talk to and it is natural. To think I once considered “adopting” him as my WR son seems so ridiculous. We’re friends. I guess I saw something in him, more than age. His heart is genuine. Like that of my son.

Sleeping has become harder. I don’t know why. I need to get more. Writing has become a chore because of it. I love writing but when I’m tired it makes me more tired. The thoughts, reliving memories, and trying to tell compelling stories is taking a lot out of me. Not usually the case. Maybe it’s that we are leaving and I’m starting to separate myself too soon.

I have my definite opinions about Buenos Aires. At the same time there is a bit of anxiety because I’m starting over again. New country, new home, and a new roommate all will bring new experiences and new challenges. This is what I signed up for though I couldn’t have known what it fully meant at the time.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. I’m making a name for myself.
  2. I’ve made new friends.
  3. A nice dinner.

Check out my reason for making this trip here.

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