How Far Is It To Get To The Beautiful Prague?

June 12 — I’ve decided to leave the apartment today and take a real walk. Not simply go around the four corner blocks. With no working internet on my phone I wrote down the directions and will make sure I know how to get back.

It’s been awhile since my hair has looked good. My curling iron breaking means a lot of wild, bad hair days. Another Roamer said she was able to find one at the mall. I thought maybe if I could have a good hair day I would feel better and more like myself. Off to the mall I went.

There are little mini marts everywhere. Here they are considered grocery stores and they are. The feel is more like a liquor store though. I passed lots of bars and not a lot of cafes. Many of the storefronts are old and sparse.

The craziest thing I saw was dust on the bottles in the window. Thick dust. At least I thought it was the craziest. A few windows down I saw plastic fruit in the window with thick dust on it. Not as if they were selling plastic fruit from the 70’s but they put it in the window instead of real fruit.

When I couldn’t take looking into the windows any longer I looked up and saw a pair of shoes hanging over the wire. Does this mean the same in Prague as it does in the States? Back home it’s a gang territory sign. I haven’t seen anyone I would think was in a gang. I’m also not out here at night.

A few more blocks and I’ve hit a larger city block. The shops are getting better and not so run down. There are a more cafes and eventually I saw a Starbucks too. I’m not going to be walking all the way here in the morning for a coffee. I don’t even want to run here. The only “run” I can think of is rundown.

I entered the mall and it was like being transported back to the States. They had everything you could think of. Including a curling iron for $150. There’s no way I’m spending that, especially when the barrel is far too small. I did let him curl my hair because I thought it would make me feel better. It didn’t. The curls were so tight I felt like Shirley Temple. He told me they would relax soon. I told him he didn’t know what he was talking about.

The other Roamer didn’t pay that much I know. I walked the mall several times and asked people in the beauty and makeup shops where I could find one. No one knew. I don’t consider it a total fail. At least I got out today.

I also found a better grocery store close to home. There was a time I would have thought it was small. Now it’s the largest one near me and I appreciate it so much. Although it’s probably for the worst. Being nocturnal is not good for my eating habits. At least not what I’m eating.

Leaving the store I went another way home. I found yet another erotic shop on the corner. Did I mention they are everywhere? There was even a huge shop in the mall. Here they are as common as Starbucks or McDonald’s in the States. This one is a sex shop. I rushed by it. There is no chance I want to see people coming in and out. I’m already having enough trouble sleeping.

I know there is a super beautiful Prague. I saw it coming in. I wish I was there.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. I went on a walk today.
  2. I got out in the sun.
  3. I got my hair curled even if it was too much.

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