How I Survived A Long Day, Little Bugs & Bad Pasta

February 8 — Another day working from the townhouse. It’s been a long day. I stopped to get an acai bowl from the beach shack. This is the second day in a row. They are really good. The bad side is I think they’ll stain my teeth more than the Malbec in Argentina. I’m careful to brush as soon as I’m done. Another couple calls and and a lot more writing before I hit the grocery store.

This is a new store for me. There is no blaring music distracting me. Thank goodness because although the store is tiny compared the supermarkets back home I’m still lost. I don’t know what to buy. The selection is very small. I grew up in a town with a Portuguese hall and somehow I picked up nothing from the experience. Nothing.

I got a couple yogurts. They didn’t have the same kind as the other store. I saw popcorn and noticed it was flavored differently. Bacon and another one sweet version. Sweetened by what, I don’t know. I bought them both. I found a good tomato so I bought that too. (You can’t take for granted you’re going to find a good tomato.)

No idea what to make for main dishes. I’ve looked over the meat department with fear. Not sure what things are and my cooking pans aren’t good. I’m afraid I won’t cook the meat properly and get sick. We’ve had several Roamers get sick in the last couple days.

Four more times around the store and I decide to get the fresh pasta you just boil. I’ve been doing my best to stay away from breads and pasta but I’m at a loss now. At least I know how to cook this and it’s quick. I buy three packs since it’s a bus ride to the market not a walk.

I’m really trying to eat less meat too. I think I ate a year’s worth in Argentina. I normally don’t each much meat. However, I thought I might need something to fill me up. I find some cured linguisa and now I can be done.

When I’m at the checkout counter I realized I forgot more water. We can’t drink the water here and I don’t want to boil in it either. Get out of line, get water, and now I can be done. It’s not much but at least its something to get me by.

The bus rides keep getting scarier. They drive so fast and turn the corners like we’re in a sports car. It does make for a quick trip though. Knowing I don’t want to miss my stop (again) I pay close attention even though I’d rather not be looking out the window. I made it. I feel like clapping like they do on the airplane but my hands are full.

My roommate is heading out with another Roamer for dinner. She invites me but I’ve got more work to do. It doesn’t take long for the pasta to cook and I cut up some linguisa to add to it. I sit down to enjoy. That was my second mistake.

The first mistake was buying the pasta. It is awful! It’s like eating paste. I’m hungry so I finish it. Full but unsatisfied. Ugh. I throw out the rest because there is not a chance I’m eating anymore of it tonight. I decide to eat the rest of the linguisa to fill myself up. Wrong again. There are these little tiny bugs crawling all over it.

I don’t know what they are. They are smaller than ants and a definite nuisance. Let’s throw this away now too. I guess I should have gone out. Work has become my next bust.

Loading my document and editing on LinkedIn was a nightmare. It was like there was some sort of glitch or something. When I was just about done I hit delete to remove an extra space and my entire document was gone. Not cool. Fortunately, I had a backup in my own files, but this was the final edited version. So frustrating. No choice but to start again.

My roommate came back and found me exactly where she left me. My day in a nutshell. I realized I have let myself go back into my old routine.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. For the acai bowl I had today.
  2. For saving documents in other places.
  3. We don’t have tarantulas.

Check out my reason for making this trip here.

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