I Do Love My Tea Time

November 30 — I couldn’t wait to go back to the boulangerie for tea time again with my new Angel. I’m even making my roommate join me later. Tea time has always been special to me. From the memories I have from childhood, to the times when I created my own tea moments, to tea time at The Ritz.

There is a distinct difference between how I drink coffee and tea. Don’t get me wrong. Coffee does and will always have a special place in my heart. However, coffee signifies action. Waking up, finishing a meal, starting the second half of the day. Tea signifies no real action. Instead, just the opposite. It tells me it’s time to slow down. I do.

When I arrived my Angel was so excited to see me and immediately shouted, “You come back!”. “Of course!”, I said. I didn’t tell her how much I had been looking forward to it but I did tell her I was excited that my roommate would be coming to meet her soon.

I sat down at the same table again and she asked if I wanted the same tea. To which I responded, “Yes. Please.” Then she brought over a huge vase of flowers to set on the table next to mine. “A nice view.” she said. A view for me and my roommate. That wasn’t all.

Then she brought me a sliced orange which she brought me from home. Next she handed me little case filled with flower petals and jasmine for me to keep under my pillow to sleep better. I can’t even remember telling her I don’t sleep well. Maybe she could tell. It’s not like I’ve been anything to look at these last couple of days. She insisted I smell it. I closed my eyes and could smell each scent.

I thanked her profusely and she assured me we’re sisters now. We talked a lot about her as I was curious. She’s been waiting tables here for five years and loves it because she loves people. She studies English and Chinese, as well as human resources. Now I was super excited. She’s in administration!

When my roommate arrived I couldn’t wait to introduce them. Mostly to show my roommate she is real. I didn’t make her up! We enjoy our time, but too soon today I have to go. It’s the end of the month so there is a lot we all must do. Even more we want to do. We say our goodbyes again and hug one another.

— -

Tonight was our farewell party which was a bit like last month. Fun, but not the same. Pretty tame compared to previous parties and it’s like another sign of the times. Or maybe it’s because our resident Roamer party planner wasn’t at either event. Hard to say. At least it was only around the corner from my apartment.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Another day of tea with my Angel.
  2. Receiving such special gifts.
  3. Having a Hanoi sister.

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