I Should Be More Excited But I’m Not

March 10 — I was contacted by a journalist today to submit 200 words for an upcoming article he’s writing. I’ve been working so hard and submitting pitches and articles without ever getting any traction. Now he is contacting me directly. Why am I not more excited?

I guess there is part of me that doesn’t know if it will really happen. Of course, I’ll write it. Maybe I’ve just waited so long for it to finally come to me the moment has passed.

Sometimes there are times when I’m worried about getting my hopes up. Nothing is promised from this article. It’s not paid. I don’t know who is going to actually read it. Yet this is what I said I wanted and what I’ve been working for.

Could it simply be the timing? Who knows. Today would have been my husband’s 57th birthday. I’ve been in touch with the kids and they say they’re fine. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of my father. Usually it’s the days leading up that are the worst.

My day has been spent in a funk. I’ll just keep working and see what happens.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. My son is proud of me.
  2. To be contacted by a journalist.
  3. To have Roamer neighbors.

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