I Should Watch A Video Of Myself Everyday

January 23 — It’s been a typical Monday. Writing, emails, follow-up. All standard. I heard the silence, the rejections, and the not nows. Yep, a pretty standard day. Then I had my mastermind group meeting.

I sunk a little bit. I’m so fortunate to be in this group. Highly successful women doing extraordinary things and being recognized. Then there is me. I feel like the weak link in the group. No quotes in major publications. No news interviews to be seen on major networks. Just me pounding the keys and trying to make a dent in the universe. My universe.

To complete the day I wrote a little more. Sent out a few more emails. Kept the tears inside me because they served no purpose to surface. Then I watched one of my interviews. It was the best thing I could have done.

For someone who has a hard time looking at herself it was almost refreshing to watch. This is what it looks like to do my work on my best days. Let’s face it, not everyday can be your best. I did good. The summit will help people. The questions are relevant and helpful. It was the equivalent to watching the best version of me. I wish everyone could have this.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. To be able to see myself excelling.
  2. For the call I had with my daughter to discuss my recipes.
  3. My daughter is cooking the meal that she enjoyed the most by me. It tells me I’ve created some good memories for her.

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