If There Is One Thing Roamers Know How To Do It’s Throw A Party

August 26 —Every Roamer in the group is unique and we all have our own strengths. You can definitely say we’re very different as well. While some of the Roamers seemed destined to meet and become best friends forever, there are some people I would have never met or crossed paths with if not for We Roam. Besides remote working, there is one common bond which brings us all together. A good party!

I won’t say we’ll use any excuse to throw a party. We don’t need an excuse only a location. Plus, I like to think they are more than parties. They are celebrations. Today is another celebration after a long weekend of celebrating. If you can’t make it to one event chances are there will be another one to attend. Thank goodness for me. I wasn’t up for going out last night and today’s brunch is just my style.

We’re saying goodbye to a few Roamers. Fortunately, I didn’t get used to them enough to have separation anxiety. I know that sounds mean but I can’t tell you how much it hurts to say goodbye and not know if you’ll ever see the person again and if you do what it will be like.

I can tell you one is a beautiful person inside and out. I’m better for knowing her. She had a way about her that was like a breath of fresh air. She also traveled a lot during the trip so there were few occasions we hung out between our schedules.

Another is an incredibly smart and talented guy who was quiet and yet made quite an impact. We call on him for all sorts of things and he’s always clutch at providing the answers. I’m low-tech and he’s super high-tech. We had different opinions on many things and never once argued about anything. I was able to say goodbye appropriately to both of them. Thank goodness!

Our resident party planner came up with the idea of a brunch party as a way to say goodbye to the few people leaving this month. Something about having a day party instead of in the evening made it easier for me. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe because it wasn’t the last thing I thought about before going to bed. There were some evening parties as well, but I opted out of those.

Something unexpected I enjoyed was bringing a dish to the party. What seems like a lifetime ago I used to be very domestic. Cooking was very much a part of my life and earned me nicknames likes “Betty Crocker” and “Mrs. Smith” I was already Mrs. Smith but my homemade pie crusts and fillings sealed the deal.

I remember cooking day and night for no other reason than I enjoyed having people to cook for. When the holidays came around I went on cooking sprees. It all seemed to change overnight.

First my son left for college. I went from not being able to keep milk in the house to having it go bad. After my husband passed away suddenly I had leftovers. No matter how much I cooked before between my husband and son there were never leftovers. With just me and my daughter I didn’t know how to cook for only two people. She was in high school and hanging out with friends and going places like high schoolers do. I began cooking for only myself which was impossible. Eventually I stopped.

I have cupboards and drawers full of cookware and bakeware that rarely sees the light of day. It’s hard to believe there was a time when 10 pie dishes never seemed like enough but I didn’t have anymore space to store anything. Even during the holidays now I only make a three or four pies and most of them are to give away.

When we got the notice to bring a dish I had to think what I could make here in Croatia that would be appropriate, I could find ingredients for, and something that traveled well since I don’t have my tupperware or special carrying trays. I came up with deviled eggs. I boiled them yesterday and this morning peeled, made the filling, and presentation. I have to say it felt great. I think they were some of the best I’ve made. They were a hit!

Everyone brought something amazing and the table couldn’t hold all the food and drinks. Instead of trays going empty it seemed like food kept arriving and multiplying. The Bloody Mary bar was hilarious as I’ve never seen so much stuff go into one glass. All this and we still had the We Roam beach day later in the afternoon.

If only the waiter from yesterday could see me now. I ordered yogurt and granola but no fruit for breakfast and the waiter shook his head. The server to bring out the food asked what was wrong before I ever began eating. I was confused and he asked why I’m not eating the fruit. Unreal. Now even when I don’t order something people are asking about my eating habits. I guess I should be happy they seem to care so much.

I went on to tell him about my experience in Ston and Dubrovnik. I told him their yogurt and granola along with my full fat large cappuccino was very filling. He tried to tell me about the health benefits of fruit and I told him it was too much. If he could see all I’ve eaten today, all the past servers, they might finally be happy.

There were so many reason for joining We Roam. Many had to do with work. Some had to do with not being alone when I didn’t want to. If someone would have told me how I would never have to be alone if I didn’t want I don’t think I would have believed them. Whatever type of party or gathering you want you can find it here. We do it great! If your preference is one person or the entire group Roamers we’ve got you covered. It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable in large group settings and now I do. At least I do with this group.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Having people to cook for again.
  2. Feeling comfortable in large group settings.
  3. Not having separation anxiety again when these Roamers leave.

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