It Happened One Day On The Way To The Workspace

May 18 — I went from being exhausted to having tons of energy. Even though I didn’t go to bed until 2am I woke up early this morning and was wide awake. I have slept a lot until this point so I guess my body is good to go.

With all my calls and meetings I mostly work from the dorm because no one wants to hear me talk all day and two I don’t want to hog the meeting rooms. I don’t mind working in the dorms. However, We Roam has asked to meet with me so today I went into the workspace. That’s when it happened. I saw a couple in love. Madly. Deeply. Truly.

I’ve seen this sort of thing before. The difference is now I wasn’t sad for myself. In fact, I couldn’t stop smiling. Normally, witnessing such an event would bring me to tears and have me wondering where my true love is. It was the farthest thing from my mind.

I was a ways off when I saw them hugging and kissing. Not the kind where you desperately want to suggest they get a room. The hugging was genuinely sincere as if they wanted to hold onto the person forever. Their kisses were sweet and soft. Nothing was sexual. It was love. Exchanging breath and breathing one another in. You’re one based on your feelings and emotions not a physical act. Touching their hand is like touching your own.

He was the one leaving and had a small suitcase with him. Was he here for a short trip or was he only going to be gone a short time? Can’t say for sure. They looked like a couple. He with his stylish boots, dark jeans, flannel pattern shirt, and coat. She was in a red summer dress that flowed when she walked, simple flats, and jean jacket. When he would squeeze her and lift her just a bit off the ground her toes would point and the bottom of her dress would catch just enough air to billow.

By the time I walked close enough to pass them they had said their goodbyes. He began walking in one direction and she the opposite. As if in the movies they would turn around constantly to see the other person in the distance. Neither of them could take more than five steps without turning around. Sometimes they would blow kisses or wave. Mostly I noticed how they would smile at one another. They were blissfully unaware of anyone or anything. It was both beautiful and innocently sweet. I felt so good to have witnessed it.

I’m not sure what about it didn’t have me thinking of myself at all. Maybe because it was so pure. I was engaged in watching something real. If love is an art I had just witnessed a masterpiece. Whatever it was I was extremely grateful and thankful. Grateful to have been so close I could feel their energy. Thankful their love didn’t make me feel anything about the lack of mine.

Arriving at the workspace I tried to put the couple out of my mind and do some exciting work of my own. First thing, add some social proof to my signature line at the bottom of my email! (“Featured in: Woman’s World, CareerBuilder, & Weebly”) It was also time to begin following up from my first online class which I had been more nervous about than I thought.

The classes and information itself doesn’t stress me out in any way shape or form. Everything I’m teaching is on point and exactly the information people have been asking of me for a long time now. Compiling it was easy. I didn’t have to create anything new, only arrange it in an organized manner to present. However, when the class was about to start I got nervous. I wasn’t expecting this at all.

I wonder if this is how coaches feel. You can tell someone what to do and coach them along the way. In the end, the burden is on them. It’s how I felt going into the class. I want desperately for each of the participants to be successful above their wildest dreams and live the life they want. Much like being a parent. As with parenthood you can’t shield your children from disappointments. I know what I’m selling is true, correct, and valuable. It won’t stop disappointments though. That is part of being a business owner and having a life.

Another part of being a business owner is receiving less than positive feedback, which is why I’m meeting with We Roam today. In one of my blogs I was not happy with their service. The meeting was to discuss not only my frustrations, but also to set expectations of the future.

We Roam sends out surveys every month. I complete them all in great detail. I also do my best to be objective. It would take a third party to let me know if I truly am or not. What I am aware of is no one can please everyone. There are over 30 of us in this group and what we all expect, wish, desire, and require is different. Their job is very difficult.

My main issues have come in Morocco. In fact, before that, I think there were only a few times I was frustrated with the internet and the workspace in Bogota. I didn’t like the workspace or commute to it in Floripa, but our townhouse had great internet so it was not an issue for me. I had expressed workspace desires in surveys, but nothing was a deal breaker. In Morocco, I didn’t like the lack of response I received from We Roam, the horrible internet in the apartment, and the commute to the workspace. While there are many other issues with Morocco they had nothing to do with We Roam and I made no mention of them in my survey.

In each country we’ve visited there has been a liaison. None were as prominent as in Morocco. None of the others were in our Slack group either. We were not made fully aware these liaisons are also paid contractors of We Roam. For me, had I known this I would have felt much better about the way situations were handled and the “lack of response” I was getting. I felt bad asking so much of someone who I didn’t know was being paid to help me.

They also wanted to set the expectation there will be more commutes in the future countries we are headed to. I expressed I don’t appreciate the commute but am fine as long as I can work from the apartment or studio. With the poor apartment internet connection in Morocco it wasn’t possible. Of all the people in the group I probably use the co-working spaces the least because so much of what I do is interviews. Having a great co-working space, which we did have in Morocco, is not as important to me about having reliable internet in our living spaces.

After providing information they said they didn’t want me to feel like they didn’t care, but I could also leave at any time and the last thing they wanted was for me to feel trapped. I expressed how much I know my surveys can be taken as critical and how I really do see them as constructive. We are the first group coming through and there are certainly growing pains as they rapidly expand. I have no plans to leave. This is not only a journey but an experiment for me.

It was brought up that my previous lack of travel might have caused some of my expectations to have not been met. I strongly disagreed because the things I was not happy about were directly related to internet. The one thing as important to me as breathing. I also said I have done my part to make sure I don’t have to rely on them or wait on SIM cards any further. I’ve purchased a Google Fi phone plan. This was something my lack of travel had not prepared me for. In the States you can get a SIM card anywhere at any time. Not in other countries. It’s often a huge hassle as well.

As far as living, eating, culture I’ve made no mention of those in my surveys because those things are part of the experience and travel. It has nothing to do with We Roam. I expressed again I felt I was being very realistic in requiring a certain level of internet and internet speeds. If internet was not an issue I would have nothing to complain about.

All in all, I think the meeting went well. They’ve already implemented some of my suggestions and I’ve already made changes of my own to be more in control of my own experience. If I were to give future Roamers advice as it pertains to working and internet I would absolutely suggest having either a Google Fi or T Mobile phone plan. While We Roam will do everything they can to help you with SIM Cards it’s not a seamless or easy process based on the country. I would also recommend having your own private hotspot. I took both these things for granted and both have cost me time, money, energy, and given me much unwanted stress.

There’s a potluck lunch today at the workspace, but I’m headed home for my siesta and a quiet lunch there. My “commute” in Barcelona is wonderful. I love walking here and don’t ever think I could get tired of it. If other countries have commutes like this I’ll be one happy girl!

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Having a beautiful walking commute.
  2. Witnessing something of such beauty on the way to work.
  3. Ending my day with Roamers.

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