It’s Time To Get Seriously Noticed For My Business

May 22 — For the last couple of years I have been very diligent in my business efforts. In the last year I have been committed to growing and expanding my reach. Now it’s time to get seriously noticed.

As part of my morning routine I went down to the cafe for a cappuccino. When I turned the corner to get in line I couldn’t help but notice it was full of really tall, large men. They were massive. If we were in the States I might think they were football players. Here I think they might play rugby or something.

It’s serendipitous to have seem them today. They were the visual for the call I would be having later. An important call with a marketing and branding consultant. I want to be noticed. Seriously noticed. Like these men I want to be undeniable to miss. I wasn’t always ready, but now I am. She can get me there.

Each time I take new steps to grow my business I know it’s going to be a challenge. Any time you go outside of your comfort zone you’re destined to be challenged. This is my time to rise. It’s both scary and exciting. I’m at yet another point of no return.

Every day, even when I don’t realize it, I reach a point of no return. It’s not a bad thing. I outgrow a little part of myself. I learn something I can’t unlearn like when I was in the second grade and learned to play Three Blind Mice on the piano. No matter how many years pass without touching the keys it comes back to me immediately.

For so long I didn’t spend any real money on marketing and branding. I knew I wasn’t ready for it. Something inside me knew I hadn’t answered all the questions I needed to yet. It’s exciting to know now, while I still don’t have all the answers, I’m ready. This is my time. Soon when it comes to the world of virtual assistance and administrative professionals the world will know my name. Can you believe I just typed that? Quite audacious aren’t I?

It’s not that I want to be a unicorn. What I want is to be the “one”. The one who people seek out to find answers. The most trusted resource in the industry. The woman synonymous with helping and serving others. The one who didn’t let our profession be taken over by chatbots and artificial intelligence. The pioneer who helped pave the wave for the next generation. That’s me — THE PVA.

Yep, today’s an exciting day in the first step towards the rest of my life. What’s more exciting is I know it. Most of the time I don’t realize what is happening or how significant things are until later. How could I? When you meet someone, form a new friendship or relationship you aren’t thinking What’s in it for me? How will this benefit me? That would be awful. In this case, it is a calculated step.

The journey won’t begin for several months. However, now it’s time to prep and pack. Soon it will be time to take my first steps. I’m finally ready. Let’s do this!

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Being able to afford to work with the marketing and branding consultant I want!
  2. Making it far enough in my career to be at this point.
  3. Seeing myself as a giant.

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