Life Is Hard When You Have A Bad Sense Of Direction

July 14 — I’ve been asked now on a few occasions what my biggest takeaway from the trip is. The lesson I’m learning is everything I’m looking for is just around the corner. You would think with everything being around the corner I should get to places faster. I don’t. When you have a bad sense of direction you keep looking around the wrong corners.

The journey of working and living while traveling has been great, awful, challenging — you name it. It’s also been totally worth it and I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t live like this. At this point, my overall theme is “Everything you’re looking for is right around the corner.” It took me five months to realize it, but it’s totally true.

Before I realized this extremely valuable piece of information it never failed, the last week or last day before we’d leave a country I would find something, literally right around the corner. Something which would have made me life so much easier.

I went to the Machine Intelligence Summit today in Berlin. I got off the bus and checked the remaining directions on my phone. The venue was right around the corner. The problem was I went in the complete opposite direction and around the wrong corner. When I started going in the right direction I hit a literal closed road and roadblocks.

This got me thinking. How many times in my life do I have things all mapped out and then unknowingly head in the wrong direction? By the time I get back on track I’ve created hurdles to climb or maneuver in the form of closed roads. Could it really be as simple as doing things opposite of what I’m doing now? I won’t know until I try. My hope is I will know when to try.

When I arrived at the venue I didn’t recognize it. Even though it was this huge building and a major event was being held, there were no signs outside. I walked by it twice before looking through the dark glass tinted windows and seeing it was the right location. I think that’s how we go through life, at least I do. Waiting for signs.

Later I would learn the lack of signage was due to a late venue change. The previous space booked was not large enough to accommodate all who wished to attend. All my last minute changes in life don’t allow me time to change my signs. Certainly, I’m not always aware of others either. This is where being transparent can be useful.

I had to get very close to look through the glass. Allowing someone to look into your life and see what is going on can help them find their way. Not everyone, but those who really want to know. Who you allow the privilege of knowing. This is the feeling I get when I read books. I’m peering through the glass into the person’s life. Often it helps me find my way. At the very least another way of doing things.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. A really cool summit.
  2. Feeling like I’m in my element.
  3. Good friends from home who genuinely care how I am doing.

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