Not What I Had In Mind, But Good

September 19 — Today is not at all what I thought it would be. Part of the reason I was working such long hours last week was to make sure I could take off this week. I wasn’t planning on having to put our fires and tears. Oh well, there are worse places to be doing this from. Besides I did have a full day off yesterday and was able to get breakfast with the Roamers this morning.

At Benedict’s I ordered the Israeli light breakfast. I really liked the restaurant and the food was good. When the meal is over they give you wet naps. I was like an old lady stealing ketchup packets. My excitement was a bit much and I couldn’t help myself. I love having them in my purse. Sure, I could buy them but this is way more fun.

While the other Roamers went on a walking tour I stayed back to work. Then in the late afternoon went out for a coffee break. As I sat in an outdoor coffee shop I would learn I was doing it all wrong. There is no one to take your order or serve you. Not a big deal except I was sitting there like an idiot. Then this “nice” guy helped me out.

We struck up a conversation. My travels are always a hot topic and then we segued into work. He’s a designer and we were having what I thought was a legitimate conversation. It began to turn as he asked about my dating life. I told him I hadn’t really been dating except for August and I met really nice men. Not at all what he thought I was going to say. Most people don’t expect me to say it. They expect to hear horror stories.

When I was thinking he might ask me out he flipped the conversation and asked how he thought our date was going? Ummm, I don’t consider this a date. Then he says, he doesn’t think it would have worked out between us anyways. Okay, dude. I’m not asking why and don’t want to know where you’re going with this.

I sat back and drank my coffee. Bothered that I won’t ask him why he asks me if I want to know. Fine. He told me he doesn’t think I’m sexually adventurous enough so we wouldn’t work out. There are two things I’m sure he thought could happen in this situation.

  1. I could have yelled or thrown coffee on him. Something to show anger.
  2. I could have defended myself and said how I am sexually adventurous to which he would suggest I prove it.

What he couldn’t have thought and obviously didn’t think my reaction would be was to laugh so hard coffee would almost come out of my nose. He was utterly stunned. I was laughing for many reasons. Unfortunately this is not even the most inappropriate thing someone has said to me.

For his benefit, and mostly my enjoyment I shared why I was laughing. I told him how I couldn’t wait to tell people about this and how ridiculous he is. I went on to tell him I write a daily blog and this is “making the blog”. He didn’t seem to find any of it funny. Not that I cared. I finished my coffee and left.

That one interaction didn’t stop me from going out by myself for dinner later in the evening. Our location was fantastic and it is short walk to the main street full of restaurants and bars. Everyone is very nice and the weather was perfect. I came upon a restaurant that almost looked French and decided to go there.

When I saw the sign “happiness starts here” I knew I was in the right place. Turns out it was a brand new restaurant and they had only recently opened. I love supporting new businesses and this time had a conversation which ended much better than the one earlier today. The servers and owner were kind and shared with me about Tel Aviv.

My day didn’t start here but it did end here with happiness.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Enjoying time today with my fellow Roamers.
  2. Enjoying Tel Aviv even if only in small doses.
  3. Ending my day with happiness.

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