Oh How I Love A Good Monday

December 12 — Since I started working for myself Monday’s have been my favorite day of the week. Mainly because I don’t start my week on Monday. My week starts on Sunday evening. This allows me to ease into the week ahead of most and that’s a really great feeling.

Another obvious (to me) benefit is not having to attend the dreaded Monday morning meeting. Don’t get me wrong I love a good meeting. Most meetings aren’t good though. Especially those meetings taking place because that is what you have to do. It has always been done this way at this time on this day.

There’s always someone who is arriving late because they had a “fire” to put out. The people that don’t bother showing since it doesn’t pertain to them, when what they really mean is there is no way I’m going to do what you are saying. Then there are the people that do attend and have nothing to say. Not necessarily bad except they are the ones holding the meeting. Next time send a memo. Tweet it out. Update the Slack channel. You get my point.

I keep my Monday mornings blocked off and don’t allow people to make appointments with me either. These meetings are almost always cancelled and I don’t appreciate that. If someone I know needs that time with me, fine, happy to accommodate. Everyone else, until I know your commitment to making appointments — not a chance. Friday afternoons are off limits to you as well.

Today was still better than most because I got to speak with a friend. I was also a guest on his podcast, Own Your Self. It’s one of those special friendships when you immediately get one another, have mutual respect, and want nothing more than to do whatever you can to help them reach their dreams. That’s what Cary and I have. The way he encouraged others to support me on my year abroad was overwhelming.

I read his bestseller of the same name, Own Your Self, on a flight to California. I tore right through it and emailed him immediately to let him know how great the book is. From there a friendship was formed.

We’ve never met in-person and it doesn’t seem strange at all. He’s open with not only his past but the plans for his future. I know of Cary’s adventures and his larger than life dreams. I can’t help but be drawn in. Check him out and you’ll know what I mean.

It speaks to my life. So many of the people I admire, love, respect, and consider my closest friends I’ve never met. Being a Virtual Assistant suits me well. I live what I preach daily and having a communication strategy and being someone’s ideal client is really what it’s all about.

Cary isn’t my client. He is an ideal friend. He strives to help people make their lives better. When we speak or communicate online it is to lift each other up. Offer support. To encourage. Laugh with one another.

Friends should make you a better person. Cary does. In preparation for my interview today I worked so hard on things that matter, before and after the interview. He never asked me to list what I did or what I’ve done. However, knowing that this is what he does and I was part of his work day I felt compelled to be working hard on my projects out of respect.

Never mind the awful call I had today with the man today who doesn’t see the point of what I do. Who cares it was cold and raining outside today. Forget the dishes I have in the sink waiting for me. Today has been awesome!

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Rain. Georgia needs it.
  2. For a day without procrastination, resistance or rationalization.
  3. That I wasn’t one of the people I know getting laid off from work today.

Check out my reason for making this trip here.

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