Today was a complete siesta fail. Clearly it takes better planning.

April 26 — It’s Administrative Professional’s Day! It doesn’t really feel like it here. Originally I had wanted to do something with local admins but I wouldn’t even know where to find any. Maybe in Casablanca I would see more because it’s more of a place where people do business even though Rabat is the capital.

I arrived to the workspace early and there was another Roamer there already. Funny, we were the last two here last night. I laugh and ask him how this happened? Then I laugh because I realize I’m wearing the same exact outfit from yesterday.

Last night instead of hanging my clothes up I laid them neatly on the bed. This morning when I got out of the shower I put them back on thinking I had laid them out for today. Uh-oh I hope this isn’t a sign of other things I’ll do today because I’m tired.

When I decided to start this new sleeping pattern it was before I adjusted my calendar. I have meetings this afternoon when it should be my sleep time. This isn’t good. I head out of the workspace fairly early and I’ll do my last call from home, take a late nap and then get up and do some work before bed.

I thought I might have time to take a nap before the call but I don’t. I ate dinner instead. Dinner consisted of the usual, bread, cheese, and pickles. Some of the other Roamers went out for dinner tonight but I couldn’t make it with the conflicting call. Funny, because when I get on the call the first thing he asks me about is the food.

When I tell him how horrible it is he’s shocked. I can relate. I’m still in shock. In Marrakech and Fes it was much better, but those are also touristy towns. I tell him if he’s going to come here he needs to stay in a proper hotel or resort to get good food. The idea of going anywhere and having a great meal is just that, an idea.

After the call I set my alarm and laid down for nap. I never heard my alarm and woke up the next morning. Ugh. Time to try this new sleeping pattern again.

Daily Careem fail: Leaving the workspace I ordered a car and then he calls me to confirm pickup. Why? I have to confirm it on my phone. I’m so over this “service”. Next I have to explain to him how I will pay even though that is also clearly in the app. Now the wait begins. When it says five minutes away you just have to ignore it. My phone rings again and it’s this guy calling, who is still “five minutes” away, telling me he has to cancel. Of course he does.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. A good lunch.
  2. A good coaching call.
  3. My last Wednesday in Morocco.

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