Trying To Be Comfortable Is Really Uncomfortable

March 12 — I decided this morning I was going to invite people over again for breakfast. I’m going to keep doing it until I don’t mind if no one ever shows up. I consider this a growth opportunity. It’s an area I’m uncomfortable in so it’s area I need to learn to be comfortable in. These things don’t happen on accident.

Yesterday I had posted about the feelings regarding the anniversary of my father’s death. So many people reached out and offered a virtual hug and support. I’m always amazed at the unexpected that comes from sharing. I don’t consider this blog sharing in the same way. It’s easy to share here. It’s not necessarily posted people have to click to read.

There is something so special about sharing. Whether it is good news, bad news, sad, or simply thoughts it’s an invitation into someone’s life. Often they extend an invitation back. I did give everyone an update this morning. I certainly wouldn’t want people to think I sat around and cried all day.

I also received notice that I’m a “Top Writer” in the category of “Travel” on Medium now. That was exciting. I barely have over 200 followers across all my publications so it seems premature but I’ll take it!

It’s a cold and rainy day here. The Slack channel is quiet and no one did come over for coffee or breakfast. After cleaning up I decided to head out to another museum. My Uber driver was the weirdest one yet.

In all of South America it has been like you’re in a race. No rules and barely staying within the lanes. I’m still not sure why they have lanes here. Sometimes they drive right down the middle of them. This guy was going so slow and driving like he had to take a test to get his license. We were getting honked at and it seemed to actually be more dangerous.

Since it was raining it was not nearly as crowded as it was last weekend. I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks here. It feels like I’ve been here so much longer. I’ve said it before, but not in a bad way. It really is amazing how comfortable you can feel when you know so little.

Maybe it has more to do with behaviors. If you can act the same then places become comfortable and you make do with all the things that truly are different. Certainly I wasn’t expecting to be so comfortable. On some levels it isn’t good because it means I’m not challenging myself or going outside of my comfort zone. Going to Morocco next month will be a good learning and challenging experience. I can’t imagine being as comfortable there.

I started at the Casa de Moneda which is the Mint Colombia also known as the Coin Factory. You walk into the building and it is filled with very large industrial machinery and then timelines which are not all translated into English. There are pictures of currency and coins everywhere. Some of it you can get others you need to be able to get some background.

One of the photos that needed an explanation was the one of Hitler. Fortunately there was. Turns out World War II was good for the Colombian economy. It stopped a lot of importing of goods and also eventually increased their exports, most notably coffee.

The museums run together on this street. La Candelaria is basically one big museum and historic district. It’s easy to get lost and roam from one to the next. Seems appropriate since I am a Roamer after all. This was the second time I’ve been here. When I came to the Botero last weekend I wandered in but it was too much for me to take in. Now was the right time.

I’m so impressed by the museums here. I can’t believe there is no charge. The beauty and ease of walking around is so well thought out. Whether you want to stroll through or spend a long time you can. The lighting is good and while the collections can be very different they are pulled together nicely. It never felt disjointed. I could back every day and learn or see something new.

With my father and family on my mind so much I see them everywhere. On the way here I saw a young man outside on the street standing who looked like my Uncle Jesse and now my cousin my Jason. Slender build with tan skin, hair parted to the side. Very masculine and yet when they smile their look becomes very boyish.

The names of the artists and those writing about them carry family names and places as well — Ruiz, Ramirez, Santa Maria, Lupe. My eyes are seeing what my heart and mind are thinking of.

Luis Caballero sin titulo works were very provocative and at times disturbing. Certainly moving. His art is very sexual in nature but more forced, painful, possibly taboo. Definitely impossible to ignore.

Diego Arango & Nirma Zarate’s collaboration on Aggression to Imperialism was hard to take since it was against my country. My dollar bill being burned and my American soldiers killed in a plane crash. An ability to understand symbolism is not needed here.

Alejandro Obregon, Violencia is yet another painting that disturbed me. This one of a pregnant woman in distress. What I don’t know is what she is distressed over other than the obvious.

The museum was filled also with lighthearted and touching photos. These are the ones that had me thinking long after I left. Not only of the paintings, photos, and sculptures but of the amazing way they could all be displayed in a single location and work in harmony. No easy task. It was brilliant.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Facing my fears and insecurities.
  2. Being a top writer in travel now.
  3. Another beautiful museum in Bogota.

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