Want To Help Me Make Money Or Barter With This Blog?

August 13 — I can’t believe a blog I started for my family, friends, future Roamers, and donors has grown to over 2500 followers (as of today)! I still remember how excited I was when I hit 250 back in March. I was having dinner with some other Roamers and we celebrated the win. Fast forward to today. A-MAZ-ING!

I was told I should really concentrate on monetizing the blog now. As a “Top Writer” in travel and suggested writer in food and art I have a following. A few suggestions which came in were to highlight my must have travel items and then tag the suppliers and companies. One problem. I don’t have any must have items. Okay, let’s try again. Back to the drawing board.

My next thought is how I would be willing to write reviews for products. I think I’m almost on the right track. I certainly don’t want to pay for the products but I don’t want anyone to think my review is biased because the product was free. Honesty and transparency is my jam.

What else? I really like food, wine, and art experiences. Spas are fantastic, and travel in general is a passion. I love the idea of writing, supporting, and promoting these things as part of a barter exchange. Would it also be seen as biased though? My concern is that companies would always expect a glowing review. I can’t give what isn’t true.

As a businesswoman instead of thinking of ideas on my own I thought it would be better to crowdsource. My marketing and monetization focus is on my business. However, this blog definitely has my time so why wouldn’t I want to earn a little something as well?

The next stops on my trip are Chiang Mai, Thailand in October, Hanoi, Vietnam in November, and Bali, Indonesia in December. A quick holiday in Australia in January before returning to the States. Any thoughts on how I should monetize? Do you have anyone to connect me with? Are you brave enough to send me a product or host me at your place of business in exchange for an honest review? Let me know your thoughts! Email me at roamerblog@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance for all your ideas and suggestions!

My end of day of gratitude:

  1. A lovely morning coffee view overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
  2. Making new friends.
  3. Having my blog grow.

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