What Did I Do On This Sunday? Have A Lazy Day

February 12 — Today has been a lazy Sunday. Well, not completely lazy but very relaxing. I got up early this morning and started writing. When I came to a part in my day where I needed to take a break the timing was perfect. Another Roamer posted she wanted to have brunch.

I had already eaten a couple eggs and had some coffee but I thought it would be nice to get out. It was. We went to a very popular restaurant, Cafe Cultura. and the food was very good. The conversation was better.

The two of us hadn’t hung out by ourselves yet and this was a great opportunity to get to know one another better. She’s been working a lot too and is a Director of Accounting. Unlike me she is super carefree and doesn’t mind waiting until the last minute to do things because she really believes it will all work out.

Back in Buenos Aires she talked about some of the times she waited until the last minute to do and the many flights she’s missed and how the airline was able to get her on another flight. Or how waiting until the last minute to book housing in college got her a really great deal in an excellent building. Then there was the time she was out to dinner when she needed to pack up and be out of her apartment that same night.

After hearing here stories I messaged her and told her I could use her help in many of those areas. I would have been freaking out if I didn’t have those things planned well in advance. I’m the person who gets to the airport in plenty of time (when I go to the right one) and enjoys waiting instead of rushing.

At the same time she’s organized and does have a little OCD in her. You’d have to be as an accountant. She’s juxtaposed too. A free spirit and carefree when she can be and focused and organized when she has to be. I’m sure I’ll find this true about most of the Roamers.

After brunch we headed over to the market so I could pick up a couple things. I’ve never spent so much time in a grocery store to get so little. I didn’t like this one at all. It also smelled bad. I miss knowing what things are for and how to use them. Then again if I did I would have to buy another 10 oils and spices to make anything. There is nothing at the townhouse.

At brunch we received a message from one of our fellow Roamers. She’s leaving the program. We had two couples leave already. I wasn’t necessarily surprised by one of the couple’s departure. The other couple I was. They seemed to be having a great time although not always with the group which is perfectly fine. They’re also in their first year of marriage. Might not be the best way to spend your honeymoon year. I didn’t get to say goodbye to either of them.

We did get word that this Roamer would be stopping by to say goodbye so I was happy about that. She’s leaving because there is too much work stress going on at home. She expanded and grew her business after she had signed up. She mentioned to me previously that had she done this beforehand she wouldn’t have signed up in the first place. I think a member of her team going on maternity leave might have been the clincher.

Whatever the reason I’m sad to see her go. It was a bit dramatic too because me and my roommate had to run down the street. We knew she was coming to the townhouses where many of us are. But she arrived later than she said and didn’t knock on all the doors. When we found out she was here she had just left and was walking down the busy road. We ran after her yelling her name. We were serious about being able to say goodbye.

Today has been up and down. I’m still not enjoying it here and find it easy to stay in today to get my tax documents together and send them over to my accountant. I’ve also gotten more work done that I should have done on Friday. Me and my roommate decided to go out to a nice dinner at a place recommended, Dolce Vita. It was a nice way to spend the evening.

The restaurant was very rustic and beautiful. While it’s Italian it had a more French country feel to it. Which is even weird for me to say because I’ve never been to the French countryside. Well, not totally.

From where we were sitting you could see a lake or lagoon and it was raining so that added a little something to the experience. We arrived at around 7:30pm which is still very early so people didn’t start arriving until we were leaving. Basically we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

Our waiter was super nice. The menus were not in English, only Portuguese so he translated the entire menu. We shared appetizers of salad and bruschetta and a half bottle of wine. I ended up ordering a super rich octopus and prawn pasta. I’ll be eating it for the next couple days.

It was a great way to end the week and head into a new one.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. Having a nice brunch with another Roamer.
  2. Getting my taxes done.
  3. Having a nice dinner with my roommate.

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