Last night in Bogota with some of my fellow Roamers at George & Dragon.

What I Did On My Last Full Day In Bogota

March 30 — It may be my last day, but it’s certainly a busy one. I’ve got a full schedule and errands to run. We don’t leave until tomorrow afternoon, but I don’t want to leave anything until then just in case.

My first call of the day was a consultation. Not my typical consultation and we ended up speaking much longer than planned. It’s nice when someone gets me. I forgot how much my clients and potential clients appreciate when I get them.

This man is struggling. Not for business, for time, the right assistance, to be understood. He would share things with me and then ask, “Am I crazy or is this possible?” I reassured him and then also offered advice and my own comments.

Throughout the conversation he thanked me for the advice and words of wisdom. He asked me why no one else was telling him this. I had no idea.

Something else happened which was a first. He said he didn’t want me to find him VAs he wanted to hire me as his project manager and work with me directly. I would then build and manage a team for him.

My new entrepreneur mind is at work and I’m trying to run through the numbers but I can’t that fast. We decided he was going to send me information, do some thinking, and next week we would have another call.

Could this be another option for me? It is certainly lucrative if I can get the right price. Definitely exciting and I’ll be pouring over the numbers and contract conditions in my head for sure.

— —

Coffee with one of the guys from the AtomHouse was long overdue. With his schedule and mine this was the first time available. I’m glad it happened at all. Without a locals view of the market and state of the economy I wasn’t going to be able to put the pieces together nicely. There was still too much missing.

However, before we could begin talking about business we ordered a coffee. I paid for mine and he paid for his. It is standard and I actually offered to pay for his as well since I asked for the meeting. I don’t know if I realized I paid for mine for the right reasons or not.

In the States I have people try to buy my drinks, lunch, and dinner on a regular basis. When it comes to business I turn it down almost 100% of the time. I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression. Some of the people I have drinks or lunch with are friends. We both know we’re only friends and there is a mutual respect. They insist on paying for a number of reasons and I have stopped arguing because there is no point. When their birthdays roll around, that is my opportunity.

There are plenty of Roamers dating as we travel. I’m not a casual dater so it’s not appealing to me at all. My time is much too precious to give it to a stranger who I may or may not enjoy spending time with. I would rather have a coffee by myself and know the outcome then take a chance.

The other side of the coin is I haven’t seen anyone I’m attracted to in South America. In fairness, they aren’t attracted to me either. No one has approached me, tried to speak with me, nor has anyone offered to buy me a coffee or my drink. On the plus it’s nice when I go to Gordo’s by myself and order a Pilot. I can enjoy it in peace.

After getting our coffees we head upstairs to the roof. The rain has stopped for a bit so this is our chance to try and enjoy the scenery. I tell him about the British guys I met and the Colombian man who is starting a beer company here. He had no idea. Now I don’t feel so bad that I didn’t know about the area until recently. He lives here and didn’t know about it until I told him.

He said the real estate projects they are working on and how Colombian’s don’t want to give up a portion of their business makes sense. I asked what he felt were the job opportunities and markets for Colombia. He agreed that real estate was a big market, which also brings in finance and legal. The trouble is no one trusts anyone because of their bad history. Even if they did not everyone, even if educated, would have the same opportunities based on the zone they come from.

Although he was born in Colombia he moved to the States as a boy and has only been back a few years. He would meet Colombian people in the States who would ask what his parents did for a living. What he didn’t know is they were asking because it would allow them to know what numbered class he’s in. When he moved back to Colombia the questions became much more direct.

Since the AtomHouse works with startups I asked him what kind. There was a common theme. All of the apps gave points redeemable for something. People weren’t necessarily using the apps because it was so great. They are incentivized by what they can get for free if they do.

My mind began to think of ways this could be seen as gaining trust. In the States the company might boast about how many data points, hours of phone time, etc. they have given away. Testimonials of people saying how the app helps them. If the app company and a real estate company, legal office, or finance company could partner together that could be something.

We ended the conversation and walked back to the AtomHouse. I have a podcast interview coming up and it’s perfect for my summit. Originally I had wanted to record it in my studio but We Roam couldn’t make it happen. They weren’t able to reset the router or get me a hotspot even though I requested in plenty of time. Instead the solution was to record at the AtomHouse in the back room.

Having already experienced the loud noise and talking going on there I not only reserved the room for me, but the two beside it. The walls are super thin and the noise carries terribly. It might as well be like the person is sitting right next to you. My best efforts failed as no one paid attention to who blocked out the rooms. People were working in all of them. I had to ask two people to leave my space.

When we tried to start the interview she said there was no way due to the noise. I tried to go to another room and hope and pray it would be quiet enough. It was borderline. Still, we couldn’t do the interview because now my internet strength was horrible.

Embarrassment doesn’t begin to explain how I felt. I was not only embarrassed for my working situation as someone who is trying to promote remote and virtual working. I was also extremely embarrassed about wasting her time. This could have been a slot for someone else. Fortunately, she said it happens more than I think. She was very understanding and happily agreed to reschedule me.

Immediately I followed up with a message to We Roam and let them know the co-working situations have gotten worse. I knew Atomhouse wouldn’t be good and they weren’t able to make reliable internet work in my apartment. One of their promises on the trip was reliable internet. If they can’t provide it in Morocco, which I’ve been told numerous times has horrible internet, then I will be leaving for the month and headed to Dubai. Of course, I would expect a credit for the month. A representative apologized but did not address my additional comment.

I was super frustrated and left the work space immediately. Time to buy luggage. There was no way I was going to deal with walking through large airports with everything on my back again. When I got to the mall I saw luggage in the window, walked in, and walked out with new luggage. It took five times as long for the Uber to arrive.

The traffic is horrible here in Bogota and this is rush hour. I didn’t want to wheel my luggage home on these streets. It’s too early to damage it. If it happens while I’m traveling fine. The moment I leave the store, no.

I’m following the driver and he appears to be getting closer although at a snail’s pace. When I think he’s right around the corner he cancels. Ugh! Plus, because it’s after the time limit I still get charged. It’s not worth my time or energy to ask for a refund since the US conversion is just a couple bucks. However, it’s the principle of it. Instead I order another.

I get home drop of the luggage and immediately head back out. I’m headed to Gordo’s for one last Pilot, dinner, and if the stars align, fried pickles. I’ve tried to order fried pickles on every occasion with no luck. Not sure if they are out or if they need to take them off the menu. I’m sad because I can only imagine how great they are.

The Roamer next door is planning a little gathering for our last night. It will begin with dancing and then sangria later. I skipped the dancing and went for sangria. There was a fair amount of Roamers there and I had a good time. Although I need to find more things to talk about than work. I’m good once I initially get the words out, but it doesn’t always work out that way to begin with.

After a few games Jenga with a Cards Against Humanity twist we went over to the George & Dragon bar. So last month I learned I learned how bad at volleyball I’ve gotten. Tonight I learned how bad at pool I still am. It was the longest game ever. After the game I headed out but not without a getting a photo.

At first when they said they were getting to take a picture I froze. I knew I should, but I didn’t want to. At the same time I knew I would regret it later if I didn’t. While my mind is over thinking this thing to death one of the Roamers calls me over and I simply go. In the end I’m so glad I did.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. New work opportunities.
  2. Headed to a new country tomorrow.
  3. A fun last night in Bogota.

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