When You Get A Message From Your Best Friend That She Misses You

January 18 — I woke up feeling amazing today. Who knew little drops of oils could make such a huge difference! Thank you to Claudia Worley for letting me know how to use my doTERRA oils. I don’t know how those little drops do it but I finally slept last night and feel 100% better. Good thing too.

Today was full of calls and another virtual summit expert interview. I had to rush for a plan “B” since my internet went out. I’m sure it was my fault. I was moving things around trying to get the setup right with the lighting while having my laptop plugged in. I unplugged some other things and I think that’s when my problems began. I was able to rush to the workspace and get there in time to start the interview as scheduled.

I also washed clothes today for the first time since I’ve been here. No easy task since I had to find tokens. It’s weird. Even though I’m using the laundry machines in the building you have to go to the Kiosco — think local convenient store — and get tokens. I went out before and couldn’t get any. They must have been out. I went back yesterday and got some but the laundry room closes at 8pm.

This was the cleanest laundry room you’ve ever seen. The baseboards were immaculate, trash bins empty, counter spotless. Now I’m realizing how clean the garbage area is too. There is one on every floor in the building. Just two trash bins about the size of normal house trash bin. Which I imagine is fine if all the apartments have tiny trash bins like I do. The garbage room doesn’t smell, no bugs, they don’t even put lids on them. Crazy.

Tonight at the co-working space we shared stories of failures or times we f***ked up. It’s called F.U.N. I shared my airport incident. There were some other funny stories and we have a super adventurous group so I should have guessed as much.

The night didn’t end there for me because I had another call on Pacific Time. With everything going on today I’m stopping in my tracks thinking of a text I received from my daughter. She tells me how much she loves and misses me. I’m her “best friend”. She hopes I’m learning a lot and having fun.

I haven’t even been here two weeks and I’ve been frustrated I haven’t lost any weight yet. I’ve been concerned about my summit and its success. The time has just started and I have so far to go. Practicing living in the moment and learning has been a real treat and challenge. However, there’s a piece of me missing. My Babygirl.

No matter how old your children get, no matter how independent they become, they are still your babies. At least mine are. It’s not just pressure to be a winner or successful or have my business be a household name. I can’t do this just because. I can’t let my daughter think I left her for a year to go have a mid-life crisis (which I’m not). I need to return with something tangible. Something she knows she can benefit from. This isn’t about me. This is about us.

Of all the wrong, stupid, naive and foolish things I’ve done in my life, somehow I’ve managed to have an amazing daughter who calls me her best friend. I don’t want to succeed just so I can say I’ve done something. I want to succeed so she’ll see she can do it too. To dream big knowing I’ll support her and she too has what it takes. Her dreams are possible.

I’ve always known she’s my Babygirl. That was a given. I didn’t know I would also get to call her my best friend. That’s a gift.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. A daughter who calls me her best friend.
  2. Feeling wonderful again.
  3. The opportunity to show my children an ordinary person can do great things.

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