Why I Love To Work On Holidays

December 24 — Technically Christmas Eve isn’t a holiday. Many people take it off or take a half day. When it falls on a Saturday you can bet that unless you’re in retail or food most people won’t be working. That means I can get ahead.

Hitting walls in business or at least feeling like you are is a common thing. Often it feels like you’re the only one and that isn’t true. Everyone has challenges. Whether or not they are the same challenges it doesn’t matter. They can slow you down. How you get over, around, dig around, or plow through is up to you. The trick here is to do it faster than your competition.

When I read this for the first time I got so excited. I used to run a lot of obstacle course races. You can guarantee there are faster runners than me. I can promise you people are stronger than I am too. Where I always made up time was in the bottlenecks. They couldn’t see how to force their way to the front. Sometimes their pace just dropped. On both occasions it was a reason for me to pick up the pace and pass them. It would take twice as much effort on their part to catch up to me.

It’s a great strategy. Not unlike the tortoise and the hair. Slow and steady won the race. Replace that with solid pace and steady work and enter me.

Some people think I’m a workaholic. They don’t know me and I wouldn’t bother taking the time to respond to such a statement. I’ve never been the martyr to overwork or that person that needs a couple days of vacation before I can relax. Honey, this girl is ready before I hit the door.

Tonight was no exception. At 4pm I did a hard stop to get ready for dinner at my mom’s and arrived right on time. Then I accompanied her to a special Christmas Eve church service because I knew it would make her happy. My time was devoted solely to mom. I wasn’t preoccupied with work because it’s done.

Besides, when you work remotely work days are more open. I’m not confined to a single place, commute, or someone else’s schedule. I work when it needs to get done. I work when I want. When I want to get ahead I work when no one else is working. And tonight I’ll sleep like a baby. I wonder what my fellow Roamers are doing right now.

My end of day gratitude:

  1. For my mom. She is truly a special woman.
  2. A friend that has messaged me twice today because he’s thinking about my trip tomorrow.
  3. With every struggle I’m better in business than I was last year.

Check out my reason for making this trip here.

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