Trip to Liechtenstein

With population around 37,000, Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. To be honest it felt like a small town and not a country! It has the highest GDP in the world, and only 1.5% unemployment. Most of the economy is based on service, mainly financial. Due to its financial regulations and low corporate and personal taxes, it’s a popular place to hide and launder money. There are around 73000 companies registered in Liechtenstein, two times more than the number of residents. It is ruled by a monarch, which unlike UK does have legislative power, such as vetoing proposed laws. Somehow it works well for them!

I visited the national museum, and paid extra to see the chamber where the expensive stuff, such as the crown, were stored. To be honest there is not much to see in Liechtenstein: the museum mostly features common items, and covers a lot of general history, rather than the history of Liechtenstein. Maybe I should have tried to open a bank account there, that would be interesting!

But I did hear that they make their own wine, which they do not export. If I go there again, I should buy a few bottles as a gift.

Beautiful view along Walensee on the way to Liechtenstein. Unfortunately it’s hard to capture all the beauty with a phone camera.
“We had phones, yay”
The royal family lives in this castle.
The hike to the castle
At the castle! Can’t go inside though :(
On my way back I saw the most perfect rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life!