Day 28 with Bitconnect

First day of the year

A profitable first day of the year. Today I’ve earned a total of $14.24.

Day 28

For tomorrow, I’m expecting a pending interest of 1.27%. This interest will be applied for the initial investment and the 3 reinvestments I’ve done so far. So, for tomorrow, I’m expecting a total return of (1.27%+0.1%) * 1280 + 1.27% * 100 * 3 = 17.54 + 3.81 = $21.35.

Pending interest for 02.01.2018

For those who are new to this publication, I made an initial investment of 1280$ in Bitconnect to try this system and I’ve committed to keeping you up to date every day with the evolution.

If you want to start investing, register here with me (aleximuresan) as a sponsor and I will give you a 5% bonus on the initial investment.

See you tomorrow. Ciao.