2017: Similarities and Differences — Explained Through Soup

Image: Pixabay

2017 was a year of choices. This was a year where it seemed like you always had to be “for something”. If you weren’t for one thing, you were immediately thought to be for the other. There was no in-between, no middle ground. It was a year of polarizations. Personal beliefs and convictions shaped our thoughts. Our thoughts became choices. Our choices became actions. These actions have seemed to divide us, fracture us and leave us to wander into 2018 without a real defined sense of how we are all connected.

Maybe this will help.

We all have things we like. We all have things we dislike. Guess what? That’s okay. It’s important to take note of the things that we enjoy as they are the things that typically bring us the most pleasure. Whether you’re listing and sharing your favourite cities around the world, your favourite childhood toys, your favourite pashmina brands or your favourite power tools — these things help to define you.

Let’s look at a classic example of something that absolutely polarizes people today: Japanese Ramen and Vietnamese Pho. Now, in life, as with varieties of traditional Asian soups, it seems people are either obsessed with ramen or they are obsessed with pho. Deciding which you prefer really can be a tough choice — since both have their own unique traits. Do you fancy a soft-boiled egg in delicious broth with wheat noodles, or do you prefer to slurp your chillies and rice noodles with sprouts and lime?

Now, it’s perfectly okay to just love ramen — and it’s perfectly okay to just love pho. It’s also perfectly okay to love both, and it’s fine if you don’t prefer either. Without sounding too much like Dr. Seuss, what’s most important to take away is that whichever side of the soup fence you’re on, pro-Ramen or pro-Pho, both sides are comprised of people who just love the overall idea of “hot soup”. And who isn’t pro-soup? See — there are more similarities between these two contrasting ideas than you might have initially thought. Now, apply this lesson to the world around us — what do we get?

In the end, we’re all human.

It seems that in an effort to define who we are for the rest of the world, we forgot who we were as a collective along the way. We spent so much time trying to distance ourselves from the things we were not that we forgot to stop to remember the things that we liked. The things that bring us joy. The simple pleasures. Our passions.

This past year, it seems like we forgot to understand one another. All we ever aimed for was to have our voices heard — but no one was really listening. Just speaking back and creating more noise. An ever-growing acoustic wall that drove people apart. The noise has become deafening, and now it seems like we’ve lost our voices.

We should be striving to create dialogue between people. We should be striving to get our voices back — and to use them respectfully. This way, we can share and discuss our favourite soups more effectively.

In 2018, let’s get our voices back.

At my7, we find ways to talk about the things that we love. The things that we desire. The things that make us laugh and think. We list and share the things that empower us, drive us and define us.

We get to tell our stories, in as much or as little detail as we wish. We get to share our passions with strangers — and we often discover that we may be more alike than we are different. We embrace our similarities, and encourage sharing our differences. Who knows, we might even do this over some soup.

We tell our story. Come to my7 — and tell your story.