2017 — A Year Full of Achievements!

Mithya Srinivasan
Dec 31, 2017 · 2 min read

At Achievement, we’re focused on meeting our users wherever they are in their health journey. It’s been a fun year, and we’re thrilled to reflect on some 2017 highlights and share back some incredible achievements from our community.

This year, we loved getting to share a new and improved Achievement! We updated our name (just slightly) and a created new look and feel to support it. We created Offers, an opportunity to earn more points all while continuing to surface ways to contribute to ground-breaking research to advance the health of everyone.

As we roll into 2018, you’ll hear about more new features from us, but for now, soak up 2017’s successes.

Throughout 2017, we’re delighted to share that our Achievers…

  • Biked the equivalent of over 45,000+ trips from San Francisco to Tokyo in hours and over 2,600 trips across the United States in distance
  • Burned the equivalent of 200m slices of pizza
  • Meditated the equivalent of one meditation session a day for 115 years
  • Logged the most steps in August with over 579+ billion steps in all of 2017
  • Participated in groundbreaking research that included Asthma, Diabetes, Mental Health and much more!

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Mithya Srinivasan

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www.myachievement.com - Support your health. Reward your life.