Ernesto Ramirez
May 17 · 5 min read

Among tracking heart rate, bike rides, and sleep, one of the most popular activities logged on Achievement every day is steps. In fact, in 2018 Achievement users logged over 930 billion steps. That’s quite a bit of activity! We wanted to take a deeper dive into that data and explore just how the year shaped up.

For this analysis we first identified the Achievement members who had data for a majority of the year. While many of our members tracked their steps every day, for those who still had a few missing days, we used a standard method (linear interpolation) to fill in the gaps. What did 2018 look like for our hundreds of thousands of Achievers in this analysis?

2018 By The Numbers

Overall, Achievement members in this analysis took an average of 7,465 steps per day over the entire year.

That histogram looks pretty consistent, with the most of the days in the analysis grouping up between 5,000 and 9,000 steps per day. However we do see a small rise in our observation frequency as the daily step count increases. We would expect that as steps per day increase we’d see the same consistent reduction in frequency, but that little bump indicates that the common goal of 10,000 steps per day baked into trackers and apps makes an impact. Hopefully this serves as a reminder to get up and walking if you’re close to that 10,000 goal!

As you can see from the graph of the average daily steps for 2018 above, there are some pretty consistent dips that seem to coincide with a weekly pattern. It turns out that Sundays tend to be the “rest day” for Achievers, and Fridays tend to have the highest step counts.

While step counts remain pretty consistent during weekdays, there is a small drop off on Saturday, but a bigger decrease on Sunday equal to about 1,000 steps.

We also looked at months of the year and seasons. When looking at individual months and seasons, it’s no surprise that Achievers tend to be more active during the warmer months when compared to the colder months.

We looked at the highest and lowest step days for our members across the year as well. It appears that many of our members are taking advantage of trick or treating to get a few more steps in as Halloween was our highest average step day. On the other end, folks are taking some time off to spend with friends and family (maybe cozying up by the fireplace with some hot cocoa) during the winter holidays as the Christmas holiday was the lowest average step day.

Demographic Groups

Achievers are a diverse and growing group. We looked at a few different demographic characteristics that may have an impact on activity. First up, we looked at the role age may have in patterns of activity for 2018.

We see an interesting trend here where our most active Achievers are in the 50–64 age group. Surprisingly, the lowest daily step counts for 2018 were for our youngest members (18–34 years old).

We also looked at how gender identification impacts daily steps. For our Achievers included in this analysis, we see a 1,500 steps per day difference between those who identify as male vs those who identify as female.

Lastly, we looked at differences between Achievers who report having children and those that don’t. We see a small difference between our parents and non-parents, roughly equivalent to 300 steps per day on average (or over 100,000 steps for the year).

But this is interesting, remember when we found that for all Achievers Halloween was the most active day? Turns out that is probably driven by our members with children! Parents take an average of 772 steps more on October 31st than those without children.

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive around step trends throughout 2018. We’ll be back soon with another exploration of our 2018 step data focused on the impact of different health conditions. Let us know what other insights you’d like to see in the comments below.

Achievement - Support your health. Reward your life.

Ernesto Ramirez

Written by

Data Science @ Evidation Health

Achievement - Support your health. Reward your life.

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