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Megan Van Ostaeyen
Feb 8, 2018 · 2 min read

At Achievement, we strive to not only help everyone understand their personal health, but also take control of their health journey. While we each may take individual actions to , could we achieve more as a community? We found ourselves asking this very question.

We decided to give the Achievement community a chance to learn from each other. We reached out to individuals with similar health conditions, allowing them to ask relevant questions they would like answered about health topics that matter to them. The exchange from the community has allowed us to immediately provide more relevant information and answers from shared experiences.

Ask a question … any question

As our first crowdsourced series of questions, we decided to reach out to individuals with self reported anxiety and ask them what questions they had for each other. According to ADAA, anxiety disorders affect , making them the most common mental illnesses in the U.S.

From the thousands of questions we received, we selected the most common ones to ask back of the community with self-reported anxiety. Here’s what we found:

  • The weather affects the anxiety of 81% of people
  • 86% of people find that exercising helps in minimizing their anxiety
  • 83% of people notice a correlation between diet choices and anxiety levels
  • When daylight hours get shorter, 79% of people experience more anxiety
  • 76% of people find that meditation helps in minimizing their anxiety
  • Near the holidays, 88% of people find that they experience more anxiety
  • 61% of people experience more anxiety when they drink caffeine

You can learn more about additional research we’ve already done around anxiety and mental health .

Interested in getting answers to health questions relevant to you? What health themes and conditions would you like to see crowdsourced? Let us know and to help yourself and others take control of their health.


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Megan Van Ostaeyen

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