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Mithya Srinivasan
Jun 5, 2018 · 2 min read

At Achievement, we’re focused on providing opportunities to our community to participate in research. Achievers have helped make an impact across groundbreaking studies in Asthma, Diabetes, Mental Health, Migraines, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. We work closely with our in-house researchers and data scientists at Evidation Health to publish research findings for many of these studies.

In 2018, we’re thrilled to be tackling something that many individuals suffer from — chronic pain. In fact, 100 million Americans suffer from this condition every day.* Currently, effectively measuring pain has been a challenge for many. We’d like to advance the scientific understanding of the relationship between activity, behavior, and health for people with and without chronic pain. Our in-house research team has engaged a pain doctor and researcher who is advising on the study. Additionally, we’ve also reached out to members of the Achievement community to help inform what we study about chronic pain — many of you who report experiencing pain responded with input on what your most troubling symptoms are, and what things we should measure to inform the study design.

We’re recruiting over 10,000 participants from all across the United States in order to better understand how chronic pain impacts a variety of individuals. This study is one of the largest of its kind. Through this research, we hope to develop digital signals for chronic pain severity, flare ups, and quality of life. We aim to do this by examining the relationships between activity, behavior, biological markers, and health for people with and without chronic pain.

Recruitment for the study has now closed.

Stay tuned! We’ll continue to share more research findings as they are available.

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Mithya Srinivasan

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