Want a Boost? Digital Trackers Reveal Behaviors That Are Associated with Better Health Status

Mithya Srinivasan
Nov 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Research at Achievement centers on insights that support your goals. We know it’s important for you to understand which habits and changes can add up to a healthier you. So we asked ourselves, “What behaviors are associated with people’s views on their personal health?” Our initial results were pretty motivating. In this analysis, our in-house researchers looked both at passively collected tracker data along with patient reported outcomes.

Our Method

More than 7,600 Achievement members completed a survey about how they felt physically and mentally, and overall quality of life. (Age and gender were captured as controls.) Our researchers then analyzed members’ data from health tracking apps, focusing on daily activities such as step count and length of sleep, plus weight. Information from five months prior was pulled to develop daily averages and ranges around each exercise and sleep-related measure and to create predictions around perceived health.

Our Findings

Let’s start with the good news: On average, Achievers in the study averaged 10,588 steps per day, more than double those of the typical American. Their sleep averaged 6.6 hours nightly, which is consistent with other research.

But what really made the difference? Those who did high-intensity workouts or who slept for the same amount of time at night reported feeling healthier at statistically significant levels. Weight had an inverse relationship with perceived overall health, physical health and quality of life. (While this study didn’t dive into the “why” behind that, prior research has explored positive association between weight loss and tracking app use.)

So, the next time you’re thinking about going for a jog, swimming that extra lap, or shutting your laptop and hitting the sack, let this be your inspiration.

What’s next?

This study didn’t investigate if these findings are consistent among populations with specific diseases or conditions. We know that’s important to Achievers as well, and we hope to explore this soon.

  • To read more, check out the research here.


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Mithya Srinivasan

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