Need a recommendation for a restaurant? Chatbots are your answer.

Who does not know the feeling when you want to reserve a table at a nice restaurant for eating dinner with some friends but, especially when you are in another city you do not know any recommended restaurants. Plus, you cannot trust any billboard or display of shops because according to them each is the best.

The normal way

There are different approaches when trying to find a restaurant.

You could just walk around and find some place which looks appropriate, reserve a table for dinner and come back later in the evening.

A second option is that you look up some websites like Foursquare so you have at least a rating from other customers who were already there.

Recommendations of friends or family are one of the most trustworthy sources of information when searching for a restaurant. Unfortunately, they can just tell you about places they have been to, which restricts your choice.

All those options certainly have their benefits. Though, the problem remains that searching for and reserving a table at a restaurant, either takes a long time or is restricted due to a lack of experience.

Then there was a chatbot

Thanks to chatbots the evening with loved ones will not be wasted by searching for a restaurant.

The bot acts like a guide. According to input variables the chatbot can narrow down your options and present you, in the end, those things which are most suitable for you.

Let’s apply this to the use case of searching for and wanting to reserve a table at a restaurant. Input variables can be location, eating preferences or opening hours. According to this information the bot can find the best restaurant for you and your friends.

Due to the simplicity of chatbots and because we are familiar with the concept of chatting with someone, users have the advantage of saving the time necessary for searching a restaurant the normal way.

myAlfred in cooperation with the European company Bookatable just released their solution called “Book my table, Alfred”. The bot acts like a personal butler for reserving a table.

It works like this:

1. First, you tell Alfred that you want to reserve a table at a restaurant.

2. He will then ask you at which location you want to eat.

3. Followed by choosing a meal and selecting or typing a date/day on which you would like to eat out so he can suggest a time which you can accept or schedule later/earlier (in half an hour steps).

Choose your meal.

4. You can then tell him how many people are coming.

5. Now we come to the stage in which you can select your preferred cuisine so he can suggest restaurants accordingly.

Alfred’s recommendation.

6. Select one and he will ask you about your e-mail address for sending your booking confirmation.

As you can see in 6 easy steps a table at a restaurant is reserved and a pleasant evening with friends is planned. Moreover, it already works in over 15,000 restaurants worldwide so let’s give it a try! Just message “Book my table, Alfred”.

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