Beyond the movies with Myanmar Movies Popcorn

You can now chat in multi-languages, share the fun and enjoy the special promotions.

Our Facebook page has received over 12,000 likes and daily users on our Messenger has been increasing steadily. We are so grateful for all the support from community and our users. To provide better experiences and to enable a fun filled day for our users, we have implemented and are proud to share following new features.

  1. Special multilingual feature for smoother chat

To overcome language barriers or font limitations for users, we have upgraded our chatbot to speak multi-languages. At your finger tips, you can choose any of the following languages.

1. Burmese (Unicode)
2. Burmese (Zawgyi)
3. English
Burmese (Unicode/Zawgyi) and English

Now, not only Burmese users, including both Zawgyi and Unicode fans, but also non-Burmese users can conveniently have a chat with our bot.

2. Popcorn tastes better when shared

Any cinema experience won’t be perfect without our annoying loved ones who would share our popcorn, whisper silly jokes during dramatic scenes & sometimes get shushed by the old lady in the front row. Now with our chatbot, you can invite and start nagging those dearest people of yours to join watch your choice of movies.

Share option is now available

After choosing your favorite movie and convenient cinema, all available show times will be displayed for your information. Since you have gathered all necessary details, you can now share with your friends. Simply click on “Share” and send to any of your Facebook friends or groups.

Contact info for relevant cinemas

When you are confirmed with your movie and cinema, you might want to quickly secure the good seats for your optimal experience. The chatbot now provides the contact details of the cinema ticketing booths so that you can initiate the call in just one tap.

3. Special promotions for Myanmar Movies Popcorn lovers

Promotions are given away for movie lovers

As promised, Myanmar Movies Popcorn has much more to offer in additional to your favorite movies and cinemas. We get that our movie enthusiasts won’t enjoy the big screens with empty stomach. Thus, we now bring you the best promotions & deals at few of the most hyped restaurants in town, which are specially offered to Myanmar Movies Popcorn lovers. Wait no longer and get the offer with more details by messaging our chatbot now.

Looking forwards to more innovative ways to boost your colorful days…

With Love,

MMP Team

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