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PGC London After-Hours: A List of Parties and Side Events

You’ve decided to kick off your 2023 conference schedule with Pocket Gamer Connects London?

Great call!

The organizers are announcing this event as their “biggest and best conference yet” that will gather over 2,000 attendees. It is an excellent opportunity to learn, pitch, and network.

But — it’s not just about the main event.

If you want to get the most out of your visit, make sure to also show up to events hosted by different companies. There will be free drinks, snacks, and a bunch of interesting people from the industry!

In this article, we’re listing different parties and side events you can attend during your PGC London visit.

1. Badge Pick-up Party

You’ll be in London the day before the conference?

Don’t waste your time.

All Pocket Gamer Connects attendees are invited to attend a Badge Pick-up Party. Just like its name suggests, this is not just a party — it is also an early chance to pick up your credentials for the conference.

This way, you can skip the morning queue and head straight to the conference.

A little bird also told us that, in addition to badges, the organizers have prepared a substantial amount of beer.

All in all, this party is a great way to kickstart the conference, reconnect with your old industry friends, and make some new ones.

When: January 22nd, 19:00–22:00

Where: The Refinery Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker St, London, EC2Y 9HT

Organized by: Triple Dragon

2. Tapas Hour

Want to relax after the first day of the conference? But you also want to make the absolute most of your trip, right?

You can have it both ways.

Join your industry peers for some Spanish food and cocktails in a casual atmosphere. Hosted by leading companies, the event will bring together many industry professionals you can connect with.

Fill out this form and save your spot today!

P.S. The event will take place just one minute away from PGC’s party venue, Junkyard Golf Club. You’ll find out the exact location after receiving a confirmation email.

When: January 23rd, 17:00

Where: TBA in the confirmation email

Organized by: Leanplum, AppsFlyer, AWS, Redbox Mobile

3. Chartboost Happy Hour

This happy hour will be held in the conference halls, so you don’t even need to leave the building to attend it.

Also, there is no need to register. As long as you’re a part of the conference, you’re welcome to stop by for a drink and have a chat with industry colleagues.

When: January 23rd, 16:00–17:00

Where: Booth G11

Organized by: Chartboost, Mavens, Zynga

4. The Global Connects Party

The Global Connects party is the official party of the conference.

Not only that, but it’s also one of PGC’s trademarks (industry veterans will know). It’s one of those places where you can enjoy yourself while the “real networking” happens.

This year, the organizers are bringing the party in a new format — on a golf course. Aside from golf, you can expect drinks and a good time late into the night.

All PGC London visitors are welcome to this event, so there’s no need to register.

When: January 23rd, 19:00

Where: Junkyard Golf Club, 88 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BE

Organized by: Pocket Gamer Connects, TikTok

5. Flight Club London

The organizers say the first rule of the Flight Club is you do not talk about it, but we need to break this rule to inform you about this cool event.

Do you prefer darts over golf?

In that case, this is the place to be.

This exclusive closing happy hour will bring together mobile gaming professionals for drinks and a darts tournament.

If you want to get in, hurry up.

The waitlist for this event is nearly full and space is limited — request your invitation right now.

When: January 24th, 17:30–20:30

Where: Flight Club Darts, Address TBA upon registration

Organized by: Helpshift, Keywords Studios, KantanAI

See You at PGC London!

While you’re at PGC London, don’t miss out on the chance to have a chat with Massimo, myAppFree’s COO. Feel free to contact him and set up a meeting!

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You can find it in the form of a list and a spreadsheet. Both contain all the details you need to organize your visit, so feel free to pick your favorite.

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