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Yet another year!

First of all, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year! Those years sure come in quick succession, don’t they? Or at least they seem to be when you’re constantly busy with things.

So I have been keeping myself busy with a number of projects, some small, some big. One project has been updating my blog a bit, giving it a fresh coat of paint and tweaking a few bits and bytes. All this tweaking will give the articles some more room, because in my previous layout it seemed rather cramped. I still don’t have a logo though, so those three overlapping circles in the upper-left corner will have to do for now.

For another project, I’ve put the Amazon S3 Fuse driver on a back burner a bit and will focus a bit more on using another company, namely Diomede Storage. This is because the per-request fees at Amazon make it too expensive for the end user. Diomede Storage simply charges for storage and transfers only, and that’s it. As an added bonus, Diomede Storage makes multiple copies of your file(s); even at the minimum of 3 copies it’s less expensive that Amazon or other Cloud Storage providers like RackSpace. The only issue with Diomede Storage is the lack of a complete documentation and a broken REST API, but I’m sure this will be fixed soon.

There are plenty of other projects on my “To-Do” list, including one that involves data centres in the UK, Netherlands and Japan. And although they could potentially fill every hour that I am awake, I’d rather focus on something more important, which is finding a new career opportunity.

The credit crunch is nearing the end and companies are more confident, so now I feel is a good time for me to make the change and settle in with a company where I can remain until my age demands that I retire. Although I do see myself saying “Why the heck should I retire?” — Just so I can keep busy.

Well, whatever lies in my and your path, I hope it’s all well for 2010!




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