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A quick break in “The Making of a BadASS” series to share what my awesome friends in the CRC community have been up to this week!
They’ve been in Washington D.C. sharing our stories and asking for more funding for CRC research and coverage for screenings!

Blue background with words call on congress and an insert photo showing CC on a billboard with the phrase “Dear Cancer, I win!”
CC’s Wall Tribute in Washington D.C. as a part of the 2023 CRC Call on Congress! The message reads, “Dear Cancer, I win!” 💪 💙

As we posted yesterday on Instagram, many in the CRC Community, BadASSes I follow and have become friends with as well as CRC organizations like Fight CRC and our minions show up in Washington DC to call on congress and ask for more funding for CRC! We were not there in person, but we were there in spirit (see photo of CC’s Wall Tribute). We owe many thanks to those CRC survivors who were there doing the work! THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!

Colorectal cancer is one of the MOST UNDERFUNDED of cancers and the second most deadly! At the risk of being hyperbolic (again), by 2030 it is predicted to be the most deadly unless we do something NOW to end it. In order to end it, we need research. in order to research we need funding! Consider this. 1 in 23 people gets rectal cancer. If that doesn’t sound like many consider that 1 in 5 are ages 20–54!

According to my IG friend, fellow Coloradan and CRC Surivor, @ColoradoJelena this is what happened during call on congress this year:

“Colorectal cancer advocates from all across the country gather in DC to meet with our Senators and House reps to tell our stories and why we need more attention and money going towards colorectal cancer.

This year we had 2 asks. 1) Provide $20 Million to Create a Colorectal Cancer Research Program within the Department of Defense(DoD) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP). ->CRC is the ONLY one of the top 5 cancer killers to not have its own dedicated research program in the DoD CDMRP. Great research is out there, but it’s not being funded so we aren’t getting any more answers or better treatments.

2) Support $51 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) in the FY24 Labor, Health and
Human Services appropriations bills. -> This program exists and is in 32 states, so this ask is for a $7 million increase so we can expand it to more states. It has increased the screening rates by over 12% in the states it exists. This program makes it easier for patients to get screened by providing transportation and childcare, extending clinic hours, simplifying paperwork and more so those in underrepresented and rural communities have fewer barriers preventing them from getting screened. This program could pay for itself by catching cancer early in patients and preventing them from having to go through treatments that could cost millions of dollars if their cancer doesn’t get diagnosed until stage 4.

We’re hoping Senators @johnhickenlooper @michaelbennet, and my Representative @douglamborn agree that funding research for #colorectalcancer and continuing to help the communities in Colorado (and across the country) that cannot easily access CRC screening are issues that they will support in the upcoming fiscal year.”

We agree! Colorado and the country are counting on you! 💙

I am not a doctor. I am married to one, but she’s the other kind thus all opinions herein are my own and should not be considered medical advice. Please, do your own homework, make your own choices and consult your own experts!

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