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Why as a Rectal Cancer Survivor, I celebrate Earth Day every day

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CC as a cartoon bitmoji dressed in a tie dye shirt with a heart and holding a small plant. She is also wearing red heart glasses and the caption is Earth Day Every Day
We could all use a little more grounding! (Source: Bitmoji)

Today is Earth Day 2023, and while I don’t always make a big show on Earth Day beyond a “Celebrate Earth Day” post, today is a bit different. Most of us think of Earth Day as a “Save the Planet” kind of day where environmentalists get their say and nations boast their efforts at eco-friendliness. While all of that is relevant, there is so much more to our Earth Mother, and I never knew that as much as I do today! So let’s get woo-woo 😉!

From the time I got diagnosed and started meditating and working with a Reiki therapist (Schakara at Love & Withstand), I began to understand the importance of being “grounded.” Grounding (also known as Earthing) is what makes us connected to the earth and to ourselves. From a metaphysical sense, it is literally the foundation for our health and well-being — which is why we often refer to those folks with Zen-like or non-plussed personalities as seeming “grounded.” #LifeGoals 😂

Grounding, which also has a wealth of scientific evidence behind it, is according to Greatist, “Simple science. Human beings are bioelectrical beings that carry a positive charge, which can build up in our bodies [leading to all sorts of issues]. Earth has a negative charge. When we make contact through grounding, we discharge our excess [and sometimes negative] energy, producing a healing effect at the cellular level…”

Grounding is said to have a multitude of health benefits including healing, decreased inflammation, increased energy, pain reduction, better sleep, lowered stress response and cortisol levels, increase in blood flow, wound healing, restoring balance to the body and even anti-aging. Some easy and free ways of being more grounded include, spending time in nature, meditation (I recommend the Insight Timer App), walking in bare feet outside (we can’t do that where we live in CO, so inside works too), finding a place to lay flat outside (try it face up and face down) where you make direct contact with the earth’s surface and your body, being in and submerging yourself in water.

On the metaphysical side, many meditations and Reiki sessions begin with instructing you to “ground in” or to connect with your “grounding cord” down into the earth and through it’s many layers. You do this by imagining a cord that connects from your Root Chakra (the one at the base of your pelvis near the tailbone) to the earth. Your grounding cord then has the ability to move through the earth’s layers into her core, thus tethering you to Mother Earth so she can hold you steady. It’s a beautiful act and does have the effect of centering and grounding your astral body and by proxy, your physical body as well. I have a very vivid imagination, so for me this wasn’t a challenge. I imagined my grounding cord as thick, iridescent and sparkly. Yours can be whatever you want it to be.

Once you’ve grounded in, the idea is that you send all of your negative energy: cares, worries and stresses down the grounding cord into the earth, where Mother Earth takes it on and helps you to transform it as well as sending you neutralizing energy back. Think of it like this; “EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and grounding is an energy connector, similar to an electrical ground.” (Source: CDM Spiritual Center) At first, I remember thinking well that’s not fair that I’m sending all my crap down to Mother Earth, doesn’t she have enough to deal with?!? But then I was told that this is part of the job of our Earth Mother and she takes it on willingly to help us stay centered, healthy and grounded. Who am I to argue with such greatness?

CCs stick figure drawing of her Fairy Earth Mother with a big hoop dress on a white background with blue flowers and she is wearing a crown. The sun and moon are both above her. she has lightening coming out of her hands and she is standing on purple flowers.
My “Fairy Earth Mother” — She usually smiles more! 😃

From there my imagination took all kinds of crazy twists and turns. As you can imagine my life as a rectal cancer patient was full of a lot of literal as well as figurative CRAP! I had some very vivid visualizations during that time. First and foremost, I began to refer to Mother Earth in my meditations and Reiki journeys as my “Fairy Earth Mother” — a wise 60 or 70-something beauty with white hair and a big glittering hoop skirt gown (think Glinda the Good Witch in her senior years). One time I even visualized that dress as a waterproof rain slicker with a matching hat that got covered in 💩 as my grounding cord gave way (this was after my extreme radiation side effects began in earnest)! I was a bit horrified to be sending THAT to her but she just laughed and laughed and said something like, “It’s ok! It’s just fertilizer.” I warned you I had a vivid imagination. 😂 My Fairy Earth Mother is fun and funny and ready for anything I throw at her! She’s a BadASS! 😉 She also produces some pretty cool stuff!

I still have vivid visualizations of my Fairy Earth Mother and believe in the power of meditation work as a continual part of my healing process. I have always said that the combination of complementary medicine and traditional medicine, along with the many well wishes and prayers from others saved my life. Thus, honoring Mother Earth for her part in the miracle of my being alive to thrive today will be a life-long practice for me.

A CC art drawing of her in a blue kaftan top and black leggings standing above the earth is a field of flowers with her feet firmly planted on the ground. Mother Earth is below dressed like a princess in a dress outlined in purple and green with a wreath of purple flowers in her hair. She is on a swing and the ropes on the swing, laced with flowers, connect to CC’s feet grounding her.
More CC Art — My drawing is improving over time but I still love the stick figures! 😊 This visual came from a guided meditation where I was told to send roots down into the earth (vs using the grounding cord). I envisioned my Fairy Earth Mother holding fast to me, keeping me centered.

A year and a half out from diagnosis and currently NED (no evidence of disease), I’m still meditating every day and still doing the grounding work regularly. Hikes and nature walks take on a whole new meaning for me now as I continue to commune with Mother Earth and listen for her voice in my intuitive brain. I’d like to think I FEEL her now as much as I see, hear, touch and smell her.

I get that I totally sound like a hippy-dippy, tree-hugging, woo-woo chick these days and I embrace it! ☮️ ❤️ ☀️ Baby! 😂 Seriously though, I just know what worked for me and that is POWERFUL!

Here’s the thing. There is no downside to grounding that I can think of. Whether you look at it from a scientific perspective or a metaphysical one, there is still the potential for benefit. So why not?

Here’s another why not? This will probably come as no surprise but I’m also into the healing power of rocks and crystals! I am a big fan of earth power! Though I’ve been into rocks most of my life, and definitely since before they were cool, now I understand a lot more about why I was attracted to them in the first place.

Try This Grounding Exercise: Next time you go outside, find a rock. It should be a rock or pebble that you are drawn to — One that speaks to you, “Pick me up.” Just hold it in your hand for a while. Think about where it came from and how it got there. What does it feel like in your hand? Is it smooth or rough? What does it look like? Does it have character? Striations? Color? Close your eyes and just feel the rock. Does it have a message for you?

With all of the issues and problems we throw at Mother Earth, she still manages to be there for us in ways we will never fully understand. I do wish we were kinder to her on a daily basis. More than that, I have much greater respect now for this beautiful planet that we live on and all of the treasures she offers. I mean, how lucky are we that we can celebrate Earth Day, every day?

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