IoT Means Higher Electricity Demand

We are in the midst of a shift in how we operate in our daily lives. The Internet of Things (“IoT”) is currently upgrading our lives. Small everyday decisions and tasks will soon be handled by smart electronic connected devices. Your refrigerator will know when you need more food and make the purchase for you to be delivered on time before you run out. Your door will know when everyone has left the house and will lock automatically. The use cases in our homes and outside of our homes are endless. Whole smart cities are being created currently to use IoT devices. This is currently changing our world.

With these added devices, there will be an increase in the amount of energy we are consuming. To counteract these increases in energy usage, we need a solution that will be affordable and sustainable. The solution is solar energy.

Elon Musk is currently creating roofs for homes that are solar based and are cheaper than a regular roof. This can power your home and potentially the whole neighborhood. This not only reduces your energy bill, but can eliminate it entirely and places zero harm on the environment. It is a win for everyone except the large energy corporations that have been charging us for electricity usage.

Previously, we haven’t had an option other than paying the electric bill. The alternatives were just too expensive. We now have another option and it is affordable. Solar energy is the solution and will pay off big over its lifetime of usage. A switch to solar means one less monthly bill you have to pay and sustainability for our environment. The sun is constantly giving us free energy and now we have the ability to use this energy for our benefit and for the benefit of the world.

Join us in creating this movement to sustainable energy at We can do this together and benefit socially and financially in the process.

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