The sun is out, the markets are somewhat recovering and MyBit is almost ready for greatness! Welcome to another recap of the week. Let start!

All developments on the MyBit Dapp are coming alive and have started to compliment each-other nicely over the past week. Right now all the vital UX and UI work is done and the first actual results are visual and working on the Ethereum testnet.

Without giving too much away, the release date for the rebrand is the 10th of May, just before Consensus. This is an absolute deadline for the team and we strive to amaze you on that date.

Marketing wise we’ve had a lot of contact with influencers, media-channels and possible brand ambassadors in various countries. In order to tell the story the right way we are working on something very cool. Unfortunately we have to keep it a surprise for you all till the end of May but we very are confident that you will like it.

CELESTINE has been the hot topic for quite some time now. What is CELESTINE and why did we pick that name? Since this week everyone knows why our ALPHA is called CELESTINE, we published a great blog showcasing our vision for the future IoT ecosystem. In case you missed the blog, check it here as it is a must read to understand the goals and ideas behind this endeavour.

We just want to take this moment to thank you for being part of our great community. You guys have been patient, motivated and helpful throughout the entire project and it needs to be said that your input and presence is highly appreciated. In the beginning of this project the team mainly focussed on development and the community was left in the shadow for a while. We made changes to improve that and will continue to improve this in the future. We hope that you are aware of your importance. To illustrate that some more we’ve got this to show you (some already saw it in Discord this week):

We were the crazy ones to start something completely new (the first dancer) but we need the support and belief from the “second dancer” to make this thing roll towards the masses. Together we can achieve our ultimate goal; to ensure a future for everyone in the economy of tomorrow.

So.. bring your friends to our great community, talk about MyBit and most of all, enjoy each-others company. It is great to make new friends both on-line as off-line. We hope to meet you all during one of our Meetups!

For now, enjoy the weekend!

The MyBit team.