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BTCNEXT Exchange Update #41

Two weeks have passed and we’re back with more updates! BTCNEXT gets better every day and we’re doing everything possible to keep up the pace of development! Check out our updates right now!

Financial markets

Last week was calm for gold. The precious metal traded in a very narrow range, as a result, quotations reached the level of $1,781 per ounce. The gold market is recovering quickly from the recent crash that briefly pushed the asset to below $1,700 an ounce.

Last week, WTI crude oil fell to $61.65 per barrel. The oil market remains at the mercy of sellers, continuing its longest streak of decline since February 2020. Since the beginning of August, quotes have lost about $10 and ended in the red for six days in a row.

Key indices grew a bit after a sharp decline. The S&P 500 is now trading at $4,470. The Dow Jones is at the $35,350 mark.

Crypto market

The crypto market capitalization increased +7.1% over the last 7 days. ATOM grew more than the others: +36.6% in one week. AAVE dropped more than the others by -7%. The QDAO dipped by -12.9%, BNX dropped by -30.5%, NOAHP added +15%.

5 weekly candles closed green for Bitcoin. At the beginning of the 6th week, the price came through the resistance at $50,000. The maximum target in the current movement is $52,000-$53,000, from which one should expect a correction to the zone of $40,000-$43,000, before continuing its growth. The current situation is ideal for altcoins — many have updated their previous highs. The fall of BTC should be regarded as an opportunity to gain positions and not as a trend reversal.

BTCNEXT Exchange update

The BTCNEXT team continues to work on upgrading the exchange. We are currently focusing on improving performance, speed and overall stability. We are striving to provide the best service to our users, therefore we are actively improving the functionality.

Daily volumes and statistics on BTCNEXT Exchange:

  • BTC — $17.6m
  • ETH — $7.4m
  • ADA — $11.2m
  • BNX — $40,000
  • NOAHP — $1,500
  • QDAO — $25,000
  • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $67m.

To learn more about BTCNEXT, visit our official Website.

Or find us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium & LinkedIn.




BTCNEXT — the future of crypto exchange is here. We offer high level security, adjusted trading fee, margin trading. Exchange to change your life for better!

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