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BTCNEXT Exchange Update #48

In the last two weeks, there has been a lot of news to share: we’ve updated adapters, improved the Wallets page and much more! Jump in for more details.

Financial markets

Global markets fell on Friday amid fears of potential outbreaks of infection due to a new strain of coronavirus. The S&P 500 fell -2.3% — the biggest daily decline since February, the Nasdaq 100 lost -2.1%, the Russell 2000 dropped by -3.7%. Stock indices also fell sharply in China (-0.6%), Japan (-2.5%), Great Britain (-3.6%), France (-4.8%), Germany (-4.2%) and similarly in other countries.

Brent crude oil futures fell 11.6% to $72.70 and WTI futures fell 13.1% to $68.20. Gold rose 0.8% to $1802.60 an ounce.

Crypto market

The crypto market capitalization didn’t change over the last 7 days. BAT grew more than the others: +51.2% in one week. DOT dipped the most by -13,7%. QDAO went up by +0.4%, BNX rose by +0.1%, NOAHP strengthened by +7.3%.

The crypto market began to recover after a three-week correction. Bitcoin found the bottom at $52,300. Within two days, the main cryptocurrency rose by $6k, coming close to $59,000. We can expect at least a retest of the $54,000-$55,000 level before the growth continues. The bulls need to hold this level and prevent the bears from pushing the BTC price into the $52,000-$53,000 zone or we could decline lower. The next global target for Bitcoin is $74,000. The Altcoin Season Index also indicates continued growth for coins.

BTCNEXT Exchange update

The BTCNEXT team is doing its best, as always! Take a look at our biggest updates from the last two weeks:

  • We updated the adapters for some cryptocurrencies. It’s important for you to be aware that, as a result of these changes, BTC and MILK2, SHAKE, ETH and USDT wallet addresses have now been changed. Please be careful and make sure you use your new addresses for making deposits!
  • We improved the Wallets page. Now it has become more intuitive and user friendly. Users can sort their assets by groups and display them in two modes. Please see the screenshots below.

Daily volumes and statistics on BTCNEXT Exchange:

  • BTC — $16.2m
  • ETH — $10.5m
  • ADA — $7.2m
  • BNX — $120,000
  • NOAHP — $2,000
  • QDAO — $22,000
  • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $61.2m.

To learn more about BTCNEXT, visit our official website.

Or find us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium & LinkedIn.




BTCNEXT — the future of crypto exchange is here. We offer high level security, adjusted trading fee, margin trading. Exchange to change your life for better!

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