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BTCNEXT Exchange Update #50

This is our 50th BTCNEXT digest and the last one of 2021. We want to wish you all happiness and prosperity in 2022 and thank you for your infinite support — we appreciate it a lot! In the last two weeks, we have updated QDAO DeFi’s rates and the Roadmap. Check out all the updates!

Financial markets

Despite the Fed’s hawkish tilt in December and the rapid, ongoing spread of COVID’s latest variant, all three major U.S. benchmarks — The S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ — rose at the end of holiday-shortened trading on Thursday. The S&P 500 is trading at 4,791, The Dow Jones at 36,300 and The Nasdaq at 15,871.

Brent crude oil managed to break the downtrend and for the last 30 days, the price has been moving up. One barrel of black gold is traded for around $78. Gold continues to strengthen its position amid inflation risks, with the price per ounce being $1,811.

Crypto market

The crypto market capitalization rose by 11.2% over the last 7 days. AAVE grew more than the others: +69.1% in one week. QDAO went up by +1.2%, BNX rose by +0.4%, NOAHP dipped by -4.8%.

Bitcoin managed to break the downward channel and recovered to above $50,000. Now, there’s a short pullback to below $48,000 before the next upward movement. The whole crypto market is reacting positively, some altcoins have reached new ATH in the last few weeks. We can expect the next rally towards BTC’s new high in January 2022. However, the peak of this bull market is expected to be much lower than $100,000 — at $85,000-$93,000. Keep this in mind when investing in cryptocurrencies.

BTCNEXT Exchange update

The BTCNEXT team enters the New Year holiday with some awesome updates. Here are the most valuable ones:

  • We have updated QDAO DeFi’s rates. QDAO DeFi is our product for generating passive earnings on your idle assets. Just hold cryptocurrencies in your account and make profits! Check out the new rates.
  • We have updated the Roadmap on the BTCNEXT Exchange website. You can find it and our plans on the main page.

Daily volumes and statistics on BTCNEXT Exchange:

  • BTC — $17.8m
  • ETH — $7.2m
  • ADA — $5.6m
  • BNX — $25,000
  • NOAHP — $2,000
  • QDAO — $65,000
  • The total average daily volume on the exchange is $57.6m.

To learn more about BTCNEXT, visit our official website.

Or find us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium & LinkedIn.



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