Meet Cased, bringing you peace of mind.

The back story on why I created a product that prepares and delivers the information your family will need if something happens to you.

I’ll never forget it, the moment I almost rode my motorcycle off a cliff in southern Chile. I was incredibly fortunate to get to tour Patagonia by motorcycle, it is an incredibly beautiful place. This trip required some intensive riding, on dirt roads that cause motorcycles to lose traction and skid. Thankfully a friend had prepared me, arranging for us to take a dirt riding course in advance. I altered my riding position in time to ride another day.

Riding another day in Glacier National Park, Montana.

After the adrenaline had dissipated, a thought struck me, “how would my family figure out my affairs if something happened to me?”. This started a multi-year thought process on how best to prepare for any outcome. I feared my family would be unable to answer critical questions about my finances and wishes, causing them stress and costing them money. I imagined some of their questions…

Did Bryan have a Will?
Where did Bryan bank?
Would Bryan want his life extended by life support?
What’s that Bitcoin craziness Bryan talked about? Did he own any?

Discussions with friends and family confirmed that a consequence of electronic communication is that loved ones no longer have a physical paper trail to follow. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to answer these questions. Opening a top drawer no longer provides access to a collection of bank statements and legal documents. That information is now secured by technology that even the FBI has trouble cracking.

How could I securely gather all my sensitive information in one place and make sure loved ones had access to it at the appropriate time?

An Offline Approach

Having worked at several successful Internet companies, such as Yelp and GitHub, my immediate thought was to look to the cloud and create a service to store, and ultimately deliver information at the appropriate time. I decided this was the wrong approach. Firstly, the data to be stored is extremely sensitive and any exposure to the risk of online data breaches is unacceptable. Secondly, the service needs to be reliable beyond the duration of a customer’s life, what I called “the hundred year problem”. Given how fast technologies and services become obsolete, it would be naive to assume Cased would out live me.

I do love the Internet, but not for solving this problem.

I evaluated offline storage solutions and discovered a perfect option, a traditional USB drive with an added feature, information stored on it can only be accessed following entry of a secure passcode chosen by the user. I now had:

  • a safe place to store sensitive information offline, on a device I own.
  • a way to grant my family access, by sharing the PIN code.
  • a way to prevent premature access, my family may have the PIN code, but they won’t have access to the device until after something happens me.
One of the first Cased drives

It was now time to make the preparation process easier.

An Easier Preparation Process

A newly created Cased application is now pre-installed on the device, making the preparation process intuitive and comprehensive. For example, it’s obvious that families need to know where financial assets are, it’s less obvious that it would alleviate stress if they were also informed of preferred funeral arrangements.

The Cased application makes it easy to think ahead:

Part of the Healthcare preparation section.

Cased Yourself

I’m excited to share that Cased is now a reality and that you can purchase one at You’ll receive your own offline storage device, with the Cased application pre-installed. After setting your PIN code, answering some questions, simply store your Cased drive in a safe place and inform a trusted person of its existence.

In case your curious, the name Cased is defined as:

Performing a motorcycle jump or stunt and landing hard enough to compress the bike’s suspension to the point of hitting the frame or ‘case’ on the ground.

PS: Given how new Cased is, I’d love any feedback or suggestions on how it might be improved. As for me, I’ve shared my PIN code with my family and have been bringing peace of mind on my latest adventures. Life awaits…