26 Places In Kolkata To Visit Before Your Kid Turns 12

The sweet smell of our favorite bakery we frequented as a child, the feeling of awe at seeing an enormous monument, the feel of a fresh breeze across our face when we went on our first ferry ride. Childhood memories always tug at the senses and bring with it a deluge of feelings. mycity4kids has created a list of 26 places every child in Kolkata should visit before turning 12. Create some quintessentially Kolkota memories for your child.

  1. Take a Buggy Ride at Victoria Memorial

Address: 1, Queens’s way, Maidan

Victoria Memorial, built in 1926, is a prominent monument of Kolkata. As kids, we thought the horse carriages which stood outside the gardens of Victoria Memorial were very fascinating. Take your kids there for an evening buggy ride and of course, enjoy the musical fountain outside the Memorial. There are also parks alongside where the kids can run around.

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2. Visit the Egyptian Mummy at the Indian Museum

Address: 27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road

The Indian Museum, set up by the Asiatic Society of Bengal is one of the oldest and largest museums in India. It is divided into six main sections, which are further divided into thirty-six galleries. You will find an overdose of information and something of interest for every child. The Mummy in the Egyptian section is very fascinating for kids and they keep talking about it after the trip.

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3. Take a Walk through Park Street during Christmas

Park Street is the center of Kolkata and there are a lot of restaurants and important buildings like the Asiatic Society, The Park Hotel and more. During festivals like Christmas, the entire street is dazzling with lights, the roads are blocked for cars and only pedestrians are allowed, one gets the feeling of carnival all through Park Street. Kids love to see these lights, meet different cartoon characters, eat at various ice-cream joints and get in the mood of Christmas.

4. Relish Mishti Doi from Bhim Chandra Naag

Address: 5 Nirmala Chandra Dey St., Bowbazar

Many of us were born with sweet a tooth and, luckily for me, Bengalis make some of the best sweet dishes in India. Mishti doi is a specialty of Bengal and you must try the mishtidoi/ sweet yogurt from this sweet shop. It has just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. You might just forget about ice cream!

5. Visit Mother Teresa’s House

Address: 54A, A. J. C Bose Road

Mother Teresa’s house is a very simple and peaceful place where you can take your children to show them the life history of Mother Teresa. She was one of the noblest people who gave up her life while serving Kolkata and its people.

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6. Look at Kali Ma’s idol at Kalighat Temple

Address: Kalighat

The Kalighat temple is a very famous holy place. Make it a point to see the tongue of the idol- it is made of pure gold. Outside of the main temple, there is an idol of Nandi, the bull. Do remember to whisper your wishes in his ears, they are believed to come true.

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7. Christmas at New Market

Address: Bertram Street, Lenin Sarani, Dharamtala, Taltala

New market was set up during the colonial raj and remains a popular shopping destination for tourists and locals. You will find everything in New Market from shoes to clothes to crockery to kitchen utensils to winter wear. One needs to know the knack of bargaining to be able to strike a good deal here. Christmas season is the best time to visit this area as the entire market is bustling with activities. It is a child’s paradise where he/ she may find Christmas trees and other items one needs like lights, stars, gifts, apple pies.

8. Meditate at Belur Math

Address: Belur, Howrah

Belur Math is the headquarters of Ramkrishna Math & Mission and was established by Swami Vivekananda. Belur Math stands for the unity of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. It has temples and a meditation hall. Take your kids to meditate there and teach them from the teachings of great Swami Vivekananda.

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9. Enjoy the Puchkas of Russell Street

Experiencing the street food of Kolkata is a must. The children should know what puchkas mean to Bengal. Try the puchkas of Russell Street, or kulfi of Shibuji, or ghughni outside VardaanMarket, or jhaalmuri/ puffed rice anywhere in Kolkata!!

10. Watch a Cricket Match at Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens is the second largest cricket stadium in the world, and is the largest stadium in India. It has held some iconic matches like the World Cup Finals of 1987, and the World Cup Semi Finals of 1996. It is said, “a cricketer’s cricketing education is not complete till he has not played in front of a packed Eden Gardens”. Once you take your child to see a match here, they will know why cricket is called the religion of India.

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11. Take a Ferry Ride at Prinsep Ghat

Address: Fort William, Hastings

Prinsep Ghat was built during the British Raj near the banks of Hoogly River. It is a great place to take a boat ride or stroll along the banks or have some street food. Take your kids to get a feel of fresh breeze across their face as they ride a ferry around the river.

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12. Meet the Dinosaurs at Science City

Address: J. B. S. Haldane Avenue

Science City, one of the largest science centers in India, is a great place to spend a day. It has an evolution park that traces the evolution of animals from the time of the dinosaur. It opened its gates when the Jurassic Park movie was released and it got a mob of children who couldn’t get enough of dinosaurs. Do visit to get an insight into different technologies, the physical phenomena of earth, animal kingdom, space, underwater world and lots more.

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13. Ride a Tram

Kolkata Tram, the only tram system in India is the oldest tram network in the world. In the earlier days, trams were driven by horses, which were then replaced by steam engines. Now, single coach cars are plying the streets of Kolkata. Kids should enjoy a lazy tram ride that will take its own sweet time in reaching the destination with stoppages everywhere.

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14. Feel your Stomach Drop on the Cyclone at Nicco Park

Address: Jheel Meel, Sector IV, Salt Lake City

Our very own Disneyland of Bengal, Nicco Park has been open since 1991. It has lot of rides and activities. There is a water park, Wet ‘o’ Wild within the Nicco Park. However, if you have the heart and want to test your adventure quotient, take a ride on the “Cyclone”. One of the most thrilling roller coasters, it is sure to make you feel like your stomach dropped.

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15. Spend a day at Nehru’s Children Museum

Address: Chowranghee Road

This museum has lot of interesting things for children to do. They have a Dolls Gallery, which has a collection of dolls from 92 countries. The Ramayana and Mahabharata gallery depicts these epics through miniature models and children love to explore these galleries.

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16. Embrace the Niagara Falls at Aquatica


Aquatica is one of the biggest water amusement parks of India. It has numerous rides, which the kids can enjoy, but the one that never fails to entertain is the Niagara Falls. You don’t need to go as far as United States to experience it. At a height of 65 ft., you can get up, close and personal with Niagara Falls at Aquatica. If the kids are small, they can stand at the sidelines while for the adventurous ones, you can stand at the mid level of the fall and experience it.

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17. Get Lost in Eco Park

Address: Major Arterial Road, Action AreaII, New Town

The park is so huge that one can never reach from one end of the park to another without getting lost or losing contact with your friends. There are lots of activities like cycling, zorbing, kayaking, shooting, darts, and many more which any of us would enjoy. There are different sections in the park like Butterfly Park, Swampy Areas and Musical Fountain. Often, different adventure and sports events are held at the park.

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18. Try the Brownies at Nahoum & Sons

Address: F20, Bertram Street, New Market Area

This is the oldest bakery in town. True to its name and fame, it churns out some of the best breads and cakes in the city. Do try their apple pies and brownies, you will never want to eat them from anywhere else!

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19. Visit Brow Antlered Deer at Alipur Zoo

Address: 2, Alipore road, Alipore

India’s oldest zoological garden is one of the most visited places in Kolkata. It is home to a lot of mammals, reptiles and migratory birds. You must have a look at the Manipur brow antlered Deer which the Alipur zoo brought back from the brink of extinction.

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20. Sample Sandesh from Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandi

Address: 56, Ramdulal Sarkar Street

Sandesh, a quintessential Bengali dessert created with milk and sugar is a healthy, light and yummy dish made in Kolkata. Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandi is an old manufacturer of sandesh, and arguably the most famous. It is a nutritious dessert and loved by kids of all ages.

21. Pandal Hopping Through the Night During Durga Puja

There is no place like Bengal to feel the spirit of Durga Puja. There are innumerable pandals, i.e., a temporary shed built with the idol of goddess Durga in it, of different shapes and sizes across Bengal. The whole of Kolkata is shut down and everybody who wishes to see pandals are on the streets of Kolkata. For four continuous days and nights, there are programs organized outside every pandal, there are addas and get togethers, fairs outside the grounds of some pandals and no restaurant will ever be empty of clients during these days. Children love to see the pandals and lighting, have goodies available outside, get on the rides which are set up around some pandals, roam around and meet friends.

22. Stand under the Great Banyan at Botanical Gardens

Address: Shibpur, Howrah

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Gardens is one of the oldest botanical gardens of India. It has a huge variety of plants and trees and some animals like foxes and jackals. Out of the many attractions there, look for the Great Banyan, an enormous banyan tree that is supposed to be the largest tree in the world. You would love to stand under its shade and experience its enormity.

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23. Have Breakfast at Flurys

Set up in 1927, this European style tearoom has its own old world charm. It has been renovated since then, retaining the charm and also creating an aura of timelessness. The best time to visit the place is for breakfast. It serves some of the best European delicacies and has the perfect relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Kids will love their sandwiches and desserts.

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24. Take Selfie with Chhota Bheem at Mothers Wax Museum

Address: CBD — 1, HIDCO Tower, New Town

Kolkata has its very own wax museum. It has wax statues of all the regional stars in every field from the Bengal region. However, don’t forget to be clicked with our national superhero, Chhota Bheem and his friends. This is always the high point of our visit to the museum.

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25. Throw a Coin from Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is one of the longest cantilever bridges in the world. It has featured in some famous movies like Gunday and Kahani. As kids, we loved to throw a coin from the bridge in the Hoogly River whenever we crossed the bridge. Take your kids to see one of the busiest bridges and throw a coin in the river.

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26. Watch Mohan Bagan match at Salt Lake Stadium

The whole of India might be cricket crazy but the heart of Bengal lies in football. Bengal has its own set of teams and they have matches in Salt lake stadium and other local stadiums. Take your child to watch this sport and be sure, he will be as fascinated by it as cricket, if not more.

Originally published at www.mycity4kids.com on April 8, 2016.

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