Breathe In, Breathe Out! Best Prenatal Classes in Mumbai

The internet has answers to almost every question we can think of. However, invariably the information overload causes stress and confusion. Many pregnant women look online or turn to books to answer their queries and allay their fears. What’s much more interesting and involving than any other method of knowledge sourcing is a birthing preparation class. These are conducted by experts who may be doctors or certified child birth practitioners and could be one-on-one personalised sessions with the couple or group classes. Several hospitals also offer ante natal care as part of their obstetrics services. Birthing preparation classes not only arm you with information but teach various interesting techniques and also help the couple bond. To know about some of the classes in our city, please read on:

CAPPA India Pre-Natal Program / Pregnancy Classes

Locality: Bandra

Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA) certifies doulas, childbirth educators and lactation educators. The organisation is known across the globe for exceptional education and member support. CAPPA India programs are part of the international network and suited to the Indian environment. Sonali Shivlani an internationally certified Child Birth, Lactation and Child Nutrition Counsellor heads CAPPA India. Shivlani’s pregnancy classes and post-natal programs are extremely popular. In addition to have authored books like ‘Super Moms Recipe Book’ and ‘Prenatal Fitness 360’, she has also created a 2 part pre-natal and post-natal workout DVD. At her portal Baby 360 degrees, you can look up e-learning solution options like comprehensive pregnancy program, pregnancy exercise classes and workshops, breast feeding support, nutrition for children and moms and a unique parenting program. The pregnancy program over 10 sessions covers topics like personalised diet plan for pregnancy, pregnancy information, foetal brain development, pregnancy exercises, infant care, breast feeding, post-natal care and recovery, child birth preparation and birth support.

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Ante-natal program at Holy Family Hospital

Locality: Bandra

The birthing classes at Holy Family Hospital are designed for expectant mothers and their spouses to arm them with information to ease their anxiety about childbirth. The group sessions allow for interaction between likeminded couples, and the instructor. Topics like pain relief options, massage, husband contribution to the birthing process, relaxation and breathing are discussed and taught. The six class workshop modules cover exercise sessions, labour sessions and a class on breast feeding.

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Fit For Birth

Locality: Powai, Andheri and Mulund

Fit For Birth founded by Dr. Manisha Gogri offers couples programs that prepare them for pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting. Fit For Birth comprises a team of four medical professionals Dr. Riddhi Chandarana, Dr. Nirali Shah and Mrs. Charmi Gala along with Dr. Gogri. Dr. Gogri is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a certified Prenatal Bonding Instructor from USA, and Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA) faculty for their Certified Lactation Educator program. To help couples along their journey to parenthood, Fit For Birth has services like pregnancy and post childbirth yoga, labour, childbirth and breastfeeding counselling sessions, and baby and toddler care.

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Nine Months Pregnancy

Locality: Nepean Sea Road, Khar, Charni Road, Mulund

Nine Months is an exclusive antenatal care program designed to make the pregnant woman feel good throughout the pregnancy and prepare her for a smooth, safe and easy delivery. Dr. Rita Shah is the force behind Nine Months Pregnancy. She is a qualified Lamaze consultant and has authored a book named ‘Nine Months’. The pregnancy exercise program is conducted by a certified and qualified instructors and includes instruction on the Lamaze breathing technique, relaxation methods, exercises, a session for the fathers to-be, baby care, and information through videos, lectures and guidance. The centres are a one stop shop for information about breastfeeding, newborn care, diet and nutrition, post-partum, caesarean birth, labour and more.

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Fortis Mamma Mia

Locality: Vashi

Fortis La Femme is a healthcare provider for all stages of a woman’s life from birth and adolescence to motherhood, menopause and beyond. Their Mamma Mia offering specialises in Early Pregnancy and Birth classes. The classes cover factual information about pregnancy, labour and delivery through interactive material such as presentations, activities, videos, games and also teaching aids like pelvises, labour dolls, intervention kits and pain management tools. Classes often include a five-minute reflexology session with the pre-natal and post-natal fitness experts. The five session module also includes a lactation and baby care workshop.

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HypnoBirthing Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

Locality: Andheri and Pune

HypnoBirthing is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. Emphasis is placed on pregnancy and childbirth as well as on pre-birth parenting and the consciousness of the pre born baby. Healthy, low risk women along with their partners can opt for the program conducted by certified HypnoBirthing practitioner Shivani Sharma. She is also a ‘Birth In to Being’ workshop facilitator and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. The five session program helps participants through self-hypnosis and education to learn to dismiss fear based stories, misinformation and birthing myths. Program highlights include visualisation and ultimate depth relaxation routines, releasing fear for childbirth, special breathing techniques for labour and childbirth, preparation of the father to be, pregnancy nutritional guidance, birth plan, pre-natal exercises, breast feeding guidance, and new born care to name a few. The program also gives you a HypnoBirthing book, two CDs for relaxation, stress reduction and bonding, and five professionally written scripts for home practice.

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Baby’s Castle

Locality: Santacruz

Baby’s Castle spread over 4141 sq feet is India’s first and only Baby and Mother Wellness Centre founded by Dr. Priyanka Bhoir a qualified doctor, internationally certified and authorised trainer for relaxation aqua therapy and infant massage. While the focus is on infants and babies with their packages for aqua therapy and relaxation treatments, they also pamper the mothers right from conception through the first years of motherhood. On offer are luxury ante natal and post-natal care packages. Their treatments focus on improving sleep quality, recuperation of tissues and overall relaxation. The programs include yoga and fitness, Lamaze, cardio toning, pilates, diet and nutrition, breastfeeding and breast care, baby care, bonding, art of parenting.

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Moms To Be India

Locality: Malad

Moms to Be by Mrs. Elenora Dsouza, a certified nutritionist and certified Child Birth and Lactation Educator, offers superior, exclusive and personalised care for expecting mothers. The complete pre-natal program includes diet and nutrition, general pregnancy information, exercises, HypnoBirthing technique to help stay in control and calm during pregnancy, labour and birth, infant care or Management of Baby Affairs, breast feeding, post-natal care and recovery, and labour and delivery information. You can register for this course at 12 weeks and sessions are conducted as per your trimester.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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